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Document scanning has become an increasingly recurring activity since desktop computers have existed. Although in the beginning, you had to buy an expensive device to be able to do it, now we only need our smartphone with an active camera and take a picture. At least that’s the function that CamScanner offers us. When there is talk about scanning any kind of documents it’s CamScanner that we open in our smartphone. It is the most efficient and most popular document scanner right now. But since there are lots of people finding a replacement for CamScanner in order to boycott Chinese apps, we have made a list of some of the best document scanner apps for Android and iOS that can be the best CamScanner alternatives 2021.

CamScanner Alternatives 2021

These are loaded with tools and elements that serve to make the most of your cell phone as a multifunctional device. Perfect for storing copies and backups of important documents like contracts, but also good for scanning photos, letters, invitation cards, and other options.

Adobe Scan

The name of this application goes straight to the point and offers you more tools than you can imagine. Initially, the important thing will be to take advantage of the scanning functions, which include multiple profiles, depending on the type of paper or what you are transforming. It works similar to CamScanner since it uses the cell phone camera to do everything in a few seconds, giving you the opportunity to export everything in PDF format and others.

Meanwhile, Adobe Scan is perfect if you need to scan invoices, important documents, spreadsheets, receipts, contracts, among other possibilities. This becomes a benefit to store your databases on the cell phone, send them by email, and keep digital copies. On the other hand, the application has a powerful barcode and QR reader, so you can see the information that is contained within them on your own Smartphone.

Document Scanner

If you are looking for alternatives to Camscanner that are easier to use and have additional tools, then Document Scanner will do you a lot of good. The included functions are basic, but it does not mean that they are bad. It works similarly to the previous ones. Take a photo of your important document, invoice, invitation, or letters. Then take the opportunity to apply correction filters, wrinkle remover, and automatic analysis that apply a quick solution.

But Document Scanner goes a little further, at least on the end part. It has a complementary notepad where you can organize the content of your documents and do it in list forms, so it will be very easy for you to know what is inside. On the other hand, and if you are doing calculations and keeping accounts, the app includes a complete calculator. It may seem strange to some, but at the end of the day, it will be very practical to do everything.

Doc Scanner

One of the applications for scanning documents that allows you to convert the main format of the paper will never hurt and Doc Scanner will do better than any other. To begin, you’ll need to take a photo of the file. Don’t worry about the size because the idea is that you can frame it with the camera and focus correctly. After that, you can choose if you want to export its original size or letter, cut it to improve it, or add some side stripes.

From there, Doc Scanner will have it ready in a few minutes. If the document has perspective problems, you will only have to take advantage of the automatic corrector or rotate it manually to leave it straight, using the guidelines. Sometimes documents have watermarks and wear and tear over time. That won’t be a problem either. Well, by applying the appropriate corrective filters and making a series of changes, everything will be ready to store or send. So, you can replace CamScanner with this document scanner app on iOS and Android phones.

Photo scanner

This is one of the scanner applications that will surely fascinate you as CamScanner alternative. This time, it is no longer about scanning documents, but now you can dedicate yourself to transforming your photos and making them presentable as if you had taken them with your cell phone. To do this you just have to take a photo with the Smartphone camera from the app itself. This will do a quick scan to add some optimization values, but you also have other manual options to try.

In fact, if the photo has been crooked or with a poor perspective, it will be very easy to rotate, rearrange, and crop it to make it look better. You also have a stain and watermark corrector, as well as a wrinkle and tear remover, classic problems in old images. If you still are not convinced of its use, you will be prepared to export the work in PNG and JPG format, or via PDF if you want to keep a complete portfolio to present it.

Simple Scan

The simplicity and ease of this app make it a difficult alternative to rule out. It has a lot of complementary tools as it will allow you to make quick scans just by taking a photo and it corrects multiple problems in a few seconds. But what we like the most about Simple Scan and that you don’t find in some scanner apps is its Wi-Fi connection to desktop computers through a shared folder to synchronize them.

Bottom line

Scan documents, frame images, make edits, optimize capture, save to PDF, and more with the best alternatives to Camscanner. Some of them are designed to work with surprising quality. Others are only dedicated to paper documents and files. You also find options that help you scan or digitize a blackboard or image writer. But they are all extremely essential to keep a professional scanner at your fingertips.

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