TypingClub – The Best Site to Learn Typing Online

TypingClub is the best online tool to learn typing in various languages. It is the most effective method to learn how to type. TypingClub is a web-based service so you need an internet connection and it is really highly effective. TypingClub is free for both individuals and schools and all the people who want to learn to type online. But if you want its version for school then you have to get its paid school edition. TypingClub is all-pervasive in learning how to type. You can learn typing in English as well as other languages in the world.

Now why learning type is important? You might have seen people in the café typing on the keyboard without even looking at the keys they have their eyes straight on the display and you wish to have that skills to. Because I have been through it and now I have to build my typing skills with TypingClub. It is really fun to learn typing on TypingClub. No matter you are grown up or a child, teacher or a student you will have fun and you can both learn and teach typing easily.


So, you won’t be getting bored while learning “typing lesion” on the Typing Club. It’s totally free and you don’t need to make an account or register on the site to use it. If you want to use and learn to type on typingclub regularly and wish to check your progress then you can sign up for the new account.

How Does TypingClub Work?

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best online tools to learn typing in more than 8 languages. If you don’t find your native language on the site then you can request them to add. You will get some basin lesions if you are starting from the bottom and you have to keep practicing each lesson until you achieve full five stars. It makes the typing learning experience easy and doesn’t take much to learn you just need to be focused and practice for a few minutes a day for one to two weeks will make you a pro.

Why choose TypingClub to learn typing?

According to its official site, TypingClub is being used by more than 23 million students, over 300,000 teachers, and 50,000+ schools and district. These things prove that TypingClub has got the trust of students as well as teachers.

It provides you the video tutorial about all the basics of typing such as where to keep your finger and which keys should be pressed with which of your hand. Its animation tutorial and games to learn typing, add more fun in the learning experience.

Features of TypingClub

These features will help you to know why TypingClub is the best place on the internet to learn typing.

It’s a game – An engaging and interactive experience when you learn how to type on TypingClub.

Proper hand posture guide – You will learn the correct hand posture on every key as you type.

Levels, Badges and Stars – You will get the rewards and badges as you lean, so these things enhance your learning and memory experience.

100% Online – It is the easiest tool to learn typing as you all you need is a keyboard and an internet connection.

Accessibility – TypingClub is designed for all the people and people with special abilities too. If someone has only one hand as an active functional then he/she can learn typing with one hand on TypingClub lesions.

Multiple Language Support – At TypingClub, you can learn typing in over 12 languages so if you are not fluent English speaker then you can choose your own learn typing.

Final Word:

With all these features TypingClub is number online way to learn how to type without competition. It is available only on its website so there are not any apps or software is available from TypingClub. There are a lot of spams on the internet about TypingClub so choose the website we have given above.

So now learn typing fast and easily having fun and with regular practice, you will be pro.

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