Best sports apps in Az

Sports betting has taken Arizona by storm last year. People that didn’t show much interest in gambling before have taken a chance with wagering on games due to the convenience of this new kind of betting. You can look up sports events in different leagues using apps, place bets on in-person games, and get generous promotions when you first sign up.

It gets even better with new Arizona licensed sports betting apps. Arizona has proven to be a powerhouse for sports betting. It brings in a lot of money every month, and companies have taken notice. New investments will see betting kiosks set up in Arizona stadiums, creating jobs and expanding the business. With this expansion comes a lot more choice. There are many different sports betting apps in Arizona. Picking the right one for you is a matter of looking at what all of them offer, so let’s take a closer look.


Being one of the top names in sports betting, DraftKings is known for top-notch customer service. It’s rewards program garners particular praise. DraftKings also has a huge selection of sports and a user-friendly app. Its current promo bonus offers a 20% deposit match up to your first $1000 deposited. $50 of that can be claimed before your first deposit.


FanDuel sits right next to DraftKings for the title of top sports betting service. FanDuel’s core market is fantasy sports. FanDuel’s promos revolve around Risk Free betting, with its current promo code providing up to $1000 in risk free bets.


The Caesars casino name allows this app to offer tons of variety and a solid app experience. It’s also known for some of the bigger welcome promos. One of the more recent ones gave new signups for Caesars rewards a free basketball jersey. The current Caesars promo for new users is a $1500 deposit match when you deposit $50.


PointsBet is a unique, Australian-created service that comes from the shortening of another name, Pointsbetting. Pointsbetting is a different kind of wager that hones in on the point spread bet. Greater risk means greater reward here, so you can increase your winnings as your wager continues to make progress over a spread. However, the further you go from your chosen spread, the more you can potentially lose. PointsBet now offers two Risk Free bets up to $2000, giving you two chances to see if this big-risk type of wager is for you.


WynnBet should be your pick if you’re more into the casual side of sports betting. It aims to be a more friendly service with a really simple interface that’s made for new users. There’s also a social aspect that invites you to get your friends in on the action. WynnBet in AZ asks you to deposit a minimum of $20 to get a $1000 risk free bet.


The BetRivers site and app are praised for their stability and how straightforward their interfaces are. The people behind the app make constant improvements and updates to keep the user experience pleasant. If you deposit $250 into a new BetRivers account, you’ll get $250 in free bets. There are also weekly promotions with BetRivers that give you more chances to win big.


BetMGM has many of the same advantages as Caesars, being a big Vegas casino name. BetMGM has the money to provide enticing promotions, a huge selection of betting options, a great interface, and good customer service. BetMGM also has an extensive rewards program, which can be combined with the MGM casino app so that both types of betting earn points. BetMGM often offers risk free bets up to $1000.

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