The Modern Sneaker Reseller – Using Tech to Your Advantage

The sneaker reselling industry is booming. However, not a new sector by any means, the recent advances in technology have led to the industry growing and thriving. This industry is quite secretive, and not a lot is shared about becoming a successful reseller.

Those who do become successful know just how lucrative this industry can be. They also know the technical knowledge needed to make it big within this industry.

It is no longer possible to succeed just by scouring shops and sales looking for sneakers below market value to sell for a profit. Gone are the days when word-of-mouth was your best marketing strategy.

Now, resellers are making more use of tech than ever before. Bots, private chat rooms, Twitter accounts, and more need to be effectively used to become successful.

Becoming a Modern Sneaker Reseller

Not just anyone can be a modern sneaker reseller. It takes a special kind of sneakerhead to understand the industry. You have to be able to identify which sneakers have the potential of becoming holy grails.

You need to know where the best places are to cop the latest wares. You also need to be able to identify when to cook and when not. You will also need to know the best spots to resell sneakers for the highest profits.

Copping shoes is becoming the best choice for most modern resellers as you use automated software and bots to scour the internet for all the best deals. The combination of proxies and automation software such as bots has taken this industry to new heights. For example, if you’re interested in copping Nike, snkrs proxies are essential, but more on that here.

Although these forms of software are available to everyone who can pay the subscription, that does not automatically guarantee success.

How Automated Bots Buy Sneakers

The most sought-after limited edition sneakers come and go very quickly. Competition is fierce when these sales come onto the scene, making it very hard to regulate the product. To give them a better edge, sneakerheads have developed automated software and bots to assist them in copping these sneakers.

By using this specially designed automation software, sneaker enthusiasts win out in this game of chance, and the results are often multiple pairs of sneakers.

Scaling up your copping ability is the best way to ensure your success. However, if you keep sending bots, no matter how well they’re programmed, through the same internet protocol (IP) address to the website, this can lead to an IP ban from that website.

This is why it is crucial to combine your automation software and bots with an excellent proxy server where you have access to multiple pools of individual IP addresses to use. The website will think your bots are all different real users and won’t be detected as easily.

Improving With Sneaker Servers

Suppose you want to scale your sneaker reselling business and improve your services by increasing the number of acquired shoes or target extremely rare and limited sneakers. In that case, you will have to improve your efficiency and precision by using virtual private servers (VPS).

Location is essential when choosing a VPS. The best VPS will be the one located closest to the sneaker sites that you are targeting. No matter how many bots you have, the increased speed of competing sneakerheads closer to the sneaker site will leave you in the dust unless you have a VPS that will give you a faster speed boost.

Prepare Your Combo Attack on the Industry

After combining these three pieces of technology with a fast internet connection and your in-depth knowledge of the sneakerhead community, you will be set up for success. Start by identifying the best VPS that is closest to the sneaker site you will be targeting.

Make sure to target the brands that you know will have the best resale value. These brands include Nike, Adidas, and other sought-after brands. Next, start securing the best bots for your needs. This will be the starting point of creating your automated army. Finally, protect all your efforts by using snkrs proxies.

Are Resellers Ruining the Industry?

Resellers are an unavoidable part of the industry. It might be frustrating for a regular Joe who was hoping to get his hands on a limited edition pair of shoes to lose out because he didn’t have the technological setup. The reality is that any industry that profits from limited-edition releases faces retailers looking to get in on the action. However, there is no denying that resellers are an essential part of the industry and keep the buzz around these brands for much longer.

Final Thoughts

While it is possible to make some profit in the sneaker reselling industry just by being a passionate sneakerhead, the recent use of technology has shown that you will have to be a geek if you want to make it big. By combining VPS, bots, and snkrs proxies, these sneakerheads can get their hands on the latest limited-edition sneakers that everyone is fighting over.

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