Download Desktop Gadgets For Windows 10

Windows has introduced the Desktop Gadget feature in Vista OS. Well, it will offer various information at a take a quick look and are low on system access as well as? You know that when Windows 7 comes at a time, they have introduced how to the bunch of quality gadgets and supports installing third-party gadgets from the web.

In the Windows 7 Desktop gadget feature is most potent and most useful, but if you want to use on your latest OS like Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and the most recent Windows 10, then it’s not for it.

The feature was stopped line security reasons. Microsoft, in fact, has been providing a tool to uninstall desktop gadgets from Windows 7 operating system entirely.

Desktop Gadgets For Windows 10

If you used the live tiles in newer versions of Windows system, then act as desktop gadgets to some coverage. So its equal to the weather app’s live tile offers the same or more information than the weather gadget.

You do not mind then you must have used this live title because live tiles in Windows 10 work better than these desktop gadgets, and also it’s desirable to show your screen,

How to install desktop gadgets in Windows 10

If you want to download and install desktop gadgets in Windows 10, there are many priorities that you get desktop gadgets in Windows 10.

If you are currently used Windows 7 OS on your Desktop and make sure you try to upgrade from then, and you were missing those desktop gadgets, so do not worry, here’s we will show you the best way that you get back all desktop gadgets in Windows 10.

Using the third-party desktop gadgets installer, yes you need to download desktop gadgets application for windows 10. Also, there are many applications available on the internet to get desktop gadgets in Windows 10, but some of the applications are not good enough to be installed.

Here we will show you most recommend applications you can use to install native gadgets of Windows 7 in Windows 10.

Important: A lot of users have reported that these desktop gadgets don’t work after installing major Windows 10 updates. If you’re also having issues with gadgets after installing a Windows 10 update, please uninstall and reinstall desktop gadget program again.

Desktop Gadgets Installer

Download Desktop Gadgets For Windows 10

The Desktop Gadgets Installer is popular software to get desktop gadgets in Windows 10.

If you want to install native gadgets of Windows 7 on Windows 10, then Desktop Gadgets Installer is the best option for you. Just all you need to do install Desktop Gadgets Installer. In the package Gadgets Installer, it installs Feed Headlines, Picture Puzzle, Slide Show, Weather, CPU Meter, Currency, Calendar, and Clock gadgets.

After installing gadgets, you can get all gadgets option is just like Windows. And you easy to customize all gadgets in your desktop home screen Also when you right-click on the desktop and click View option; you’ll see an opportunity to show or hide desktop gadgets.

There are many cool desktop gadgets available on their official site if you want to download then visit out there when you right-click on the desktop and click Gadgets.

The setup of Desktop Gadgets Installer comes with no thread friendly, meaning it doesn’t offer you install any toolbar and other junkware.

The Desktop Gadgets Installer application is entirely compatible with Windows 10, both x86 and x64.


Desktop Gadgets For Windows 10

It’s another most powerful and well know application just like above one. 8GadgetPack is powerful and most useful application Windows 10 use which let you easy to install their favorite Desktop Gadgets on their Windows 10 PC. While 8GadgetPack was specially developed for Windows 8/8.1, but it’s now compatible with Windows 10 as well.

Here’s the free Download and install 8Gadgetpack and see more in the feature of a sidebar that includes your favorite desktop gadgets. There are consists of 45 gadgets in preinstalled on their application when you install 8GadgetPack on windows 10, so it’s including most useful gadgets like to clock, calendar, currency, clipboard, custom calendar, app launcher, and all CPU meter. This one also adds gadget options to the desktop context menu and is very easy to use.

Must Read before downloading gadgets from the web

Once you were installing one of the above third party Gadget applications, after that you will be easy to download and install all your favorite desktop gadgets from the web. Also, it’s not a longer offering gadgets and suggesting them again; you need to be must read out all the info while downloading gadgets from the above third-party websites.

Without any hassle, we will recommend downloading above gadgets application only from trusted sources as many of the gadgets available on the web are not anything but malicious programs.

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