8 Best Home Decorating Apps For Android and iOS: Get The Best Homestyler Interior Design App

As the increasing technology change the world and making it easier to people work simply and quickly, there are also great Decorating Apps available online which can make it simple to design or renovate home just from your smartphone. Yes, there are a lot of home Decorating Apps available in the market, but you should get the best Home Decorating Apps so that you can use your creativity through the app without any stoppage.

Selecting the colour of the wall or adjusting furniture in the living room, everything will become trouble-free with the help of these home design apps. You know one great thing of using these home decorating apps that you can even need to appoint any interior designer as you can get the same work from the decorating apps. So, without buzzing much let me show you some best decorating apps for home!

Best Home Decorating Apps For Android and iPhone

#1: Adobe Color Capture

Let start the list with one of the best home decorating apps which a lot of new features to help users easily create vector art on the go,  find your typography, create colour themes, craft digital brushes, generate beautiful patterns, capture 3d PBR materials and more. Just like PC version of Adobe, you use Adobe Color Capture Android and iOS app to design the home.

#2: iHandy Carpenter

Whether you want to renovate the home or wish to make a completely new design of the home, iHandy Carpenter is the perfect home design app to completely customize home. This home decor app has five different tools which you can use as per your wish to design home properly. Hence, it will save your time as well. It works simply by just clicking a picture of the room and started designing a home using a protractor, a surface level, a plumb bob level, a ruler, and a bubble lever. It is available for Android and iPhone for free. It’s best one of the take a picture of a room and design it app!

#3: Planner 5D

If you are looking for the best home decoration app where you can get a 2D and 3D view of your design, then we must suggest you the Planner 5D for Android and iOS devices. In the app, you can easily select interior and exterior to make design or adjust furniture as per your wish. You can get a better look of your design with the help of Virtual Reality mode. Well, there is a lot you can use with the Planner 5D- home design app. So, just start using the app and let us know how it is working.

#4: Houzz

Since CNN once called it the “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design” to the Houzz, the app has gained a lot of popularity around the world. Houzz features more than 14 millions HD pictures that are prearranged according to style, room and location. Hence, you can simply use existing images to get a better idea about home improvement and customize as per your choice. One great thing about the app is you can also check idea of some professional designer on this home décor app. Alongside, the app also has thousands of products as well, so that you can order them for your use. The app is available on Google Play Store and App Store for free to download.

#5: MagicPlan

If you need the best home decorating apps for starting a new plan, then MagicPlan is the best option for an initial contractor to create floor plans easily. As it takes a lot of time to measure the size of the room and start the initial process, we suggest you MagicPlan app for Android and iOS device so that you can simply start designing a home without spending too much of time. So, just click the image of the room and it will automatically generate the perfect design of the home and you can even customize it as per your need.

#6: Home Design 3D GOLD

Just like the Planner 5D apps, this virtual decorating apps also offer the best 2D and 3D view of the home design. The app has a simple interface so that you can simply use drag and drop any probe as per your wish to make the room look completely amazing in the 3D view. This architectural app lets you import floor plans and change the space itself. Well, you can free download Home Design 3D GOLD from Google Play and App store, but if you need more features then you can get the premium version of the app by spending a few extra dollars.

#7: Havenly

If you want to get best designs from some professional or expert interior designers, then the Havenly is the best platform for iOS users to renovate or design room with real designers and add the best touch to your design. All you will need to select the designer, personalize your design, collaborating on ideas along the way, and also get an idea of the finished space based on floor plans. You can even order items from the curated list of products on the app.

#8: Tap Painter

If you want to get better idea about the perfect color to pain walls of the bedroom room or living room, then Tap Painter is the handy decorating app to decide what color suits the wall from some of the best color brands like, Benjamin Moore, Dunn Edwards, Dutch Boy, Sherwin Williams and lot more. TapPainter also comes with custom controls to define a shape to paint and a starting tutorial. There is an only iOS version of the app available, but you can download MyRoomPainter Android app to get similar features like Tap Painter.


Hope you have found the best home decorating app from this list and started designing best room. In a case if we have missed any other popular virtual decorating app which offers best room design app free then please share with us in comments.

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