Steam Error Code 118: What Is It and How to Fix it?

Steam Error Code 118: What Is It and How to Fix it?

Video game enthusiasts are likely familiar with Steam. This popular digital distribution service provides a host of features for gamers, such as streaming video, server hosting and social networking. Plus, it boasts an expansive library of both free and paid titles plus community features like friend lists, groups and voice chat in-game. Unfortunately, though, some … Read more

How can a VPN help an Apple user?

VPN help an Apple user

A VPN, today, is a very necessary tool for protecting yourself from outside attacks, such as malware, spyware or any kind of malicious code programmed to rob or kill your system. It’s true, Apple is less attacked in comparison with, for example, a Windows PC; but you should notice that today, a major quantity of … Read more

DBAN – What is it and how to use it?

Do you know that the deleted the date from your hard drive or any other device can be retrieved with some powerful tools? This clearly means that whenever you are trying to sell your used devices without “sanitize” them with proper data removal program, you are staking your privacy and security at stake. You might … Read more

Top 5 DVD Burners For Windows in 2021

There is a built in DVD Burner on Window 10 which has a lot of basic DVD burning features. Every PC requires a good DVD Burner utility even though reliance on saving data on DVD disc is facing huge competition from USB drives and other storage methods. Keeping information on DVD disc is still very … Read more

Video_tdr_failure (nvlddmkm.sys) error on Windows 10 | Fixed| 2021


You might be seeing an error in the blue screen saying “video_tdr_failure nvlddmkm.sys”. Some of the Windows 10 users with NVIDIA graphics are facing this error as a problem. But no need to worry since in this post we have brought you several guides to fix this error. We have given 4 methods to solve … Read more

What Is Kmode Exception Not Handled Error? How Do You Fix It?

Kmode Exception Not Handled Error

Kmode Exception Not Handled error is not common anymore. Users hardly face this kind of issue with their PCs anymore. For the ones who do not know what Kmode Exception Handled Error is, well, it’s a blue screen of death (BSOD). This is an issue that takes place in Windows 10. It has been long … Read more

VarianceTV Adware: How To Remove Variance TV from PC [Uninstall Guide] 2021

Variance TV

Variance TV is very dangerous and not useful for your PC. It falls into PUPs and Adware categories of cyber threats due to ads and marketing strategies used to promote VarianceTV video hosting site. But sometimes VarianceTV can harm your computer. So, when you see any kind of Variance TV virus, then this post will be your best noad … Read more

Advanced IP Scanner Software Free Download [2021]

Advanced IP Scanner Software Free Download [2018]

Download Advanced IP Scanner 2021 Free Setup for Microsoft Windows. This is a network administrator’s software that allows you to scan your local area network or LAN. Also too it’s is capable of showing all the devices that are connected to your connection. Advanced IP Scanner is a free, fast and powerful network scanner with a user-friendly interface. This … Read more

How To Fix Windows 10 upgrade stuck at 99 Percent 2021

Nothing is worse than any processor download stop at 99 percentage and here we are talking about the Windows 10 upgrade stuck at 99 Percent. Yes, the most annoying part of updating that when you stuck at 99%. Imagine you are waited a long to get an update done and your Windows 10 update stuck at 99%. … Read more