How to drop a pin in Google Maps on Android?

drop a pin in google maps Android

Gone are the days when you used to remember locations and directions to reach somewhere, as nowadays, Google Maps has made things better and more accessible than ever before. Open the application on your smartphone, follow the instructions, and reach your destination without seeking external help or advice. However, Google Maps is not just limited … Read more

Best Photo Editing App for Android 2023

Best Photo Editing App for Android

With the growing popularity of smartphone photography, there’s no dearth of photo editing apps vying for attention in the Google Play Store. While most devices are packed with a built-in photo editor, these typically only offer basic options for adjusting your photographs or making simple changes. But if you’re serious about getting the best results … Read more

How to download Carbridge app on Android?

Carbridge app on Android

What if you can use your car screen as a phone? Sounds surprising? Indeed, it is. Carbridge is the recent addition to the industry that allows you to bridge two application while making your car screen looks like a phone. This app is launched to add extra apps and features to your car, so you … Read more

How to Windows Subsystem for Android Download?

windows subsystem for android

Whether you are a tech junkie or a casual phone user, you must have heard about the Windows Subsystem for Android. This platform is launched to add support to run Android apps from the Amazon Appstore. However, since WSA is still under preview, you can’t download it just like other platforms. But don’t lose calm … Read more

Pocket Girl Mod APK Unlock All Action Pro 8.0 Download

Dynamic and Interesting, Pocket Girl Mod APK Unlock All Action Pro 8.0 is one of the widely appreciated games recently added to the collection. It is a custom 3D animation game where the girl dances, reacts and does everything on your commands. The best thing about the game lies in its realistic animations. You are … Read more

What Can We Expect From the New Samsung Phone

Samsung Phone

Even though 2023 has only just begun, major manufacturers like Samsung have announced plans to release new smartphones this year. Android purists may already be aware that the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, which currently holds the title of the company’s flagship product, is drawing to a close soon. The Galaxy S23 will inevitably be the … Read more

Mydstv app download for Android 2023

You can quickly manage your DStv subscription with the MyDStv app. DStv subscribers may now manage their viewing from anywhere, correct mistakes, and check their balance. They can even pay their bills, change packages, and update their information. You can only watch well-known sports, programs, movies, and telenovelas on DStv. You can directly access DStv … Read more

How to Remove the Virus from Android Free?

YouTube App Keeps Crashing Android

Is your phone running slow, experiencing sluggish performance, random crashes, and pop-ups, or even worse, being locked out of your device altogether? Well, all these signs clearly indicate the presence of malware or virus in your device and thus require immediate attention. A virus or malware is malicious software that can sneak onto your phone … Read more