Why you should be using a VPN


If you’ve used the internet recently, you’ll probably have come across an ad for a personal VPN. For those unaware of what a VPN is, a VPN is a Virtual Private Network; it’s a service that protects your privacy by creating an encrypted tunnel to your target site for your data to be transmitted over. … Read more

How to Apply ICAI exam Form Nov 2022?

ICAI exam Form Nov 2022

ICAI CA is one of the most prominent examinations in the country. It is scheduled to be held from November 1 to November 17, 2022, in offline mode. Those candidates who are eligible to appear in the examination will have to complete the application form on time and get themselves registered to move further in … Read more

How to Install YouTube Progressive Web App on Windows PC

YouTube Progressive Web App

It’s hard to believe that in this day and age, even one individual is unaware of YouTube’s existence. Here we are, referring to one of the most popular online video streaming platforms on the planet. There is a huge amount of video content on the internet, and this is where much of it is stored and played back. … Read more

How to Download and Install Official Microsoft Office Free on Windows PC

Microsoft Office Free on Windows PC

A massive change occurred in the way in which a variety of office tasks were performed more than thirty years ago. The digital age resulted in several positive effects; but, in order to maximize their usefulness, users needed additional resources. It is exactly because of this that Microsoft Office has become the companion of all those … Read more