4 Things You Need to Launch an App

Launch an App

In this digital age, almost every product and service that you need can be accessed through an app. This is evident in a report by online technology newspaper TechCrunch, which claimed that as of 2021, users around the globe spend an average of 4.2 hours per day browsing through apps on their phones. Social media … Read more

Top 9 Applications to Record Calls: The Best Call Recording Application 2022

Top 9 Applications to Record Calls: The Best Call Recording Application 2022

In the last few years, technologies changed many things. It has made our lives easier. We can communicate with anybody and have access to every information within a few seconds. This would have been considered rubbish a few years back, even if anybody had said something like that. It is obvious that mobile phones are … Read more

The best security apps for Android phones

Android has been the number one mobile operating system on the market for a long time. Over 80 percent of smartphones and tablets sold worldwide use Android as their system. Our cell phone contains a lot of sensitive data and information that must not fall into the wrong hands. In addition to personal data that … Read more

3 Best Call Recording Apps in 2022

Call Recording Apps

There are many situations where recording a telephone conversation can be a lifeline for you. Even in everyday life, tools that allow you to record calls can play a powerful role. Not everyone needs to use advanced enough programs, because, for personal use, you may want to simply record a few conversations and save them … Read more

Best sports apps in Az

Best sports apps in Az

Sports betting has taken Arizona by storm last year. People that didn’t show much interest in gambling before have taken a chance with wagering on games due to the convenience of this new kind of betting. You can look up sports events in different leagues using apps, place bets on in-person games, and get generous … Read more

Instagram music not working: How To Fix?

Instagram music not working

Recently, a vast number of Instagram users have discovered that they are unable to add music to their accounts on occasion. The music sticker in Instagram Stories, in particular, hasn’t worked out as planned. If you try to utilize Instagram’s music library and it doesn’t function, try these troubleshooting steps. They’ll usually cure the problem … Read more

Do You Think You Are Shadowbanned on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter? Check What to Do Now?


Since you are here, you might have faced the issue of decreasing interaction on your social network accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. It feels your content is a ghost, and none can see it.  Are there technical issues? Every website has bugs that affect it sooner or later. Interactive functions are typically the … Read more

How to Raise Hand in Zoom

How to Raise Hand in Zoom

Businesses use video conferencing software to communicate across vast distances and time zones. Zoom is a popular piece of software that lets you communicate with others via video, but it also gives you the option to ask questions. To do this, you need to raise your hand so that the host/moderator knows that you would … Read more