10 Free Step Counter Apps for Android

Step counter applications, commonly known as the Pedometer apps, are gaining more and more precedence in people’s lives. As more and more people start taking their physical health seriously, there is a sharp rising demand in the demand of fitness applications and a free step counter app deserves a mention.

There are several different step counter apps for Android available for free. However, our goal is to bring you access to some of the absolute best apps that are worth paying attention to.

This article will take you along the list of the best free step counter apps for Android that you should consider downloading.

What is the Significance of the Pedometer app?

Pedometer apps are more than just a step counter. They are generally a holistic fitness app wherein you can keep track of your daily step count and also track your physical activity throughout the day.

Some of the most noticeable benefits of a free step counter app include:

  • Tracking physical activity
  • Setting and tracking fitness goals
  • Motivating users to get going
  • Tracking sleep quality
  • Monitoring health conditions

On average, these are some of the most common benefits or features that you get to experience in most pedometer apps. But what you need to understand is that every app is different and so are the features and benefits that come with it.

What are the Best Pedometer Apps?

When talking about the best and free step count app, there are a few we could find that are compatible with your Android device.

1.    Pacer

The first and possibly one of the best free step count apps for Android is Pacer. It is technically free but it also comes with a premium annual subscription that you can check out for additional features. Besides step count, the app also helps the users keep track of their activities and their fitness, all inside a single app.

2.    CharityMiles

While we are on the topic of discussing the best free step counters for Android, CharityMiles is worth mentioning. What’s great is that the more you walk, the more your chances of donating to a charity. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? It means that the app donates money on your behalf depending on your physical activity throughout the day.

3.    Fitbit

This particular app doesn’t require an introduction. If you own a Fitbit, you most likely have the app installed on your Android smartphone. Surprisingly, not only is the app free, but you can use the app independently if you don’t have a Fitbit tracker. But, in that case, you won’t be able to track your steps but use the app to log your food and keep track of your other health metrics.

4.    Google Fit

Google has a fitness application that many of us aren’t even aware of. Google Fit is free to use and enables you to track your daily steps and fitness in a single app. The app has been developed by Google in collaboration with the American Heart Association and lets you keep a check on all your fitness goals and align them with your health too.

5.    MyFitnessPal

If you haven’t heard of MyFitnessPal, we have some news for you. This free step counter app also has a premium, paid version for which you pay around $50 annually. But, if you don’t need access to the advanced fitness tracking features, we’d recommend you stick to the free version because it is more than enough. You can set your step goals and try and reach them every day.

6.    MapMyWalk

Another popular and comprehensive free step count app for Android is MapMyWalk. It tracks your step count, and workout and also displays the common route you take for your walk each day. Besides that, using this app, you can keep up with the fitness stats and also measure how long and how much distance you covered during the walk.

7.    StepsApp

As the name suggests, StepsApp keeps track of your step count. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? It can be set as a lock screen widget too, making it easier for you to keep track of your step count while you are out there on a fitness journey. Not just for Android, the app is iOS compatible too. You can customize this app to change the colors, themes, and goals too.

8.    Activity Tracker

If you are looking for a simple step counter for Android, Activity Tracker is another option we’d recommend you try. Using this app, you can track your daily, weekly, and monthly steps to have an overall understanding of how you did throughout the month in terms of your fitness. The overall user interface of the app is simple and minimal and worth the time.

9.    Sweatcoin

We talked about CharityMiles, which donates money to charity based on your daily physical activity. Sweatcoin has a similar principle where you earn “sweatcoins” for how much you walk or stay active throughout the day. Depending on how many sweat coins you earn, you can use those to buy products from their online stores.

10. Pedometer

The last on the list is Pedometer, which has been developed by ITO technologies. The app is 100% free to use and lets you connect to your tracker so you can keep a check on your daily step count and ensure that your fitness goals are in check. It is an ad-supported app, which means that you will notice a few ads in the passing but they aren’t too intrusive, which is good.


If you are taking your fitness seriously and want to keep track of your daily step count, these are some of the Android fitness and step-tracking apps we’d personally recommend you consider. All of these mentioned apps are free to use. Some of them do come with a premium version but we’d recommend you stick to the free version if you have basic usage, like counting the steps, keeping track of food and hydration, tracking fitness goals, etc. All these apps are safe to use.


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