Top Alternatives to PopcornFlix 2021

For beginners, this tool offers users of free apps to watch series a large number of series and movies, which can be easily accessed from a smartphone. In this sense, this application is ideal, as it does not require any subscription and you do not need to pay additional fees, that is, PopcornFlix is completely free. Among other reasons, this streaming platform differs from the rest, because new content is added daily. There are also many genres to choose from: romance, comedy, family/children, urban, drama, action, horror, Bollywood, documentaries, and more. On the other hand, it has two additional platforms: Popcornflix Kids and FrightPix, which have children and horror content, respectively.

Now, if we go to Google Play, we will find several opinions related to this application. On the one hand, some say it is an excellent application, as it houses many independent creations. Above all, they praise the fact that it is free. On the other hand, some users complain that there is too much advertising, which interrupts the pace of the film or series. But don’t worry as this is not the only apps that you can have to enjoy free movies streaming online. Here, we are going to make a list of some of the best apps that let you watch free movies and TV shows.

The best Popcornflix alternatives in 2021

Sony Crackle

Crackle is also a free app similar to Popcornflix that allows you to watch movies and TV shows for free. It is a very effective streaming tool that allows its users to access various HD movies and series. Likewise, this is one of the free apps to watch series, which means that you can consume all the content unlimitedly and without any inconvenience. But you would have to deal with ads while watching movies here.

It is from Sony, so you may expect some good quality content. In addition to having a wide variety of content, its use is very simple, thanks to its intelligent interface. But that is not all. As you will see, this application differs from other streaming platforms because users do not need to register to access multimedia content, which is fantastic as it makes it easier to use. If we go to Google Play reviews, we’ll find users who express their pleasure with this tool. If you are a fan of classic cinemas then this could be your best choice for popcornflix alternative.


We continue to advance in this top of the best alternatives to popcornflix and now comes the Tubi TV. For beginners, this platform is an excellent option for minimalist users. On the one hand, the interface offers an enticing interface and this app provides very comprehensive information about your series, which is ideal for deciding what we are going to see. In addition, this tool has a screen that shows the progress of each series started.

But this app offers so much more. For example, it differs from other streaming platforms because it sends a notification to users whenever new episodes of their favorite series are published. In addition, it allows adding widgets to the home screen to facilitate usability.  Many users have left their opinions on Google Play. On the one hand, some guarantee that this software fulfills its functions successfully, because finding a movie or series is simple and navigation is very smooth. You would have to create an account and Tubi will show ads.


If you are fond of TV series more than movies that Hulu can be one of the most popular PopcornFlix alternatives in this list. This isn’t created by some group of people sitting in a room but it is premium service just like Netflix. However, Hulu offers a roster of content for free. With the free service of Hulu, it will show some commercial breaks.

Of course, those are details that probably won’t cause problems for you. The important thing about Hulu is that it brings together a very complete catalog, which includes films, series, cartoons, international soap operas, Latin American, and European productions. But the highlight is that it has a portfolio that brings together productions of more than 200 channels, in addition to offering you the transmission of these spaces live, for a modest cost, compared to the previous ones.

Pluto TV

For beginners, this tool offers a wide variety of series and movies that can be viewed comfortably on a Smartphone. Pluto TV is ideal because it is owned by ViacomCBS and it offers more live TV channels for free. It has a very friendly and sober interface. Pluto TV offers great advantages over other streaming platforms. First, you need to register to view the content, that is, just enter the system and find what we want to see. Likewise, this platform is 100% reliable and secure, which means that it is completely virus free. In the same vein, it has many genres to satisfy all tastes: comedy, drama, suspense, action, among others, and lots of free channels for live streaming so it can be one of the best alternatives to PopcornFlix.


SeriesGuide might be the new name for movie devotes but it can be one of the great alternatives to Popcornflix. To start, this streaming platform allows you to watch series comfortably for free from your Smartphone. In addition, although it is a somewhat old tool, the truth is that it works very well and has a nice interface that allows you to easily navigate. Furthermore, this app differs from the others as it has no ads, which means that you can watch your favorite series without interruptions of any kind.

But that is not all that SeriesGuide offers. In addition to what we mentioned, this tool allows users to organize their series on the main screen so that the experience is even more comfortable. But, although the application is free, it has a Premium version that allows you to change the theme or receive notifications when a new episode is published. This free movie app is from Germany so we can also expect some European content from services like BBC.


We reached the end of this list of best similar apps to Popcornflix to watch series and now comes the Crunchyroll. In this sense, we are facing a unique application in its class, as it hosts more than 25 thousand anime episodes and more than 15 thousand hours, whose content can be accessed from the Smartphone at any time. It is the largest thematic streaming platform in the world. In addition, one of the biggest advantages of this application is that it is completely free but it also offers more perks with its premium service.

Crunchyroll is a very complete tool. For starters, each episode is published weekly from its premiere. In addition, all content can be watched with multiple subtitles. Meanwhile, this application has a Premium plan that offers several benefits, such as the possibility of not seeing ads, accessing high-definition screens, and being able to view the content before others without membership. In addition, with this paid service, it is possible to watch the series in 1080p.

Final words

Watch movies and TV shows online on these alternatives to Popcornflix on any device that you have. If you would like to explore more things then we suggest using online streaming sites where you can enjoy a similar streaming experience. If you know more apps like Popcornflix then let us know in the comment box.

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