How to use UltData on Android for Whatsapp?

Have you deleted important WhatsApp messages mistakenly and are now looking for a way to get them back? You might be relieved that you are not the only one who gets stuck in such a problem. Thanks to the advent of technology, everything is possible nowadays. Using several third-party applications, you can easily recover your … Read more

How to Download Tlauncher On Android

Download Tlauncher On Android

Fan of Minecraft? If you play Minecraft frequently, you will be familiar with Tlauncher. In simple words, it is a third-party launcher that allows users to download and play several versions of the game. But sadly, Tlauncher cannot be installed through Playstore on Android devices as it is officially not supported. It can be upsetting … Read more

How to Download and use the Earthquake Alerts system on Android?

Earthquake Alerts system on Android

While earthquakes and seismic activities cannot be predicted beforehand, there are still several apps that might give you a generous alert or an approximate idea about the same. After a massive earthquake in Turkey and Syria, people around the world are looking for the best Earthquake alert system to keep them updated about what’s happening … Read more

Download Adobe Photoshop Touch for Android

Today, we are well aware that retouching images can significantly enhance their attractiveness. Whether it’s small adjustments or comprehensive edits, the goal is to produce high-quality results while maintaining the authenticity of the original photograph. While many people believe that achieving such results requires extensive resources or specialized knowledge, the reality is that there are … Read more

How to drop a pin in Google Maps on Android?

drop a pin in google maps Android

Gone are the days when you used to remember locations and directions to reach somewhere, as nowadays, Google Maps has made things better and more accessible than ever before. Open the application on your smartphone, follow the instructions, and reach your destination without seeking external help or advice. However, Google Maps is not just limited … Read more

Best Photo Editing App for Android 2023

Best Photo Editing App for Android

With the growing popularity of smartphone photography, there’s no dearth of photo editing apps vying for attention in the Google Play Store. While most devices are packed with a built-in photo editor, these typically only offer basic options for adjusting your photographs or making simple changes. But if you’re serious about getting the best results … Read more

How to download Carbridge app on Android?

Carbridge app on Android

What if you can use your car screen as a phone? Sounds surprising? Indeed, it is. Carbridge is the recent addition to the industry that allows you to bridge two application while making your car screen looks like a phone. This app is launched to add extra apps and features to your car, so you … Read more

How to Windows Subsystem for Android Download?

windows subsystem for android

Whether you are a tech junkie or a casual phone user, you must have heard about the Windows Subsystem for Android. This platform is launched to add support to run Android apps from the Amazon Appstore. However, since WSA is still under preview, you can’t download it just like other platforms. But don’t lose calm … Read more