AnonymoX: Download Latest Version for Chrome & FireFox Internet Web Browser

If you are looking for the internet anonymization in an initiative way then AnonymoX is the best option for you as per today internet security system. AnonymoX main motive is to provide the right of anonymity of users to restore on the web. There are many websites that provide their hosts in order to analyze the ability of the user and monitor users behavior. In this way, they collect the data of that user and create user profiles to generate the revenue by selling details of users to third parties.


The internet manifest threats are always there in the action of subduing through a private organization or federal under the circumstance for freedom of speech. There is an excuse on websites has been made such as copyright infringement, the safety of a child, fight against terrorism and other issues made by the Government in order to limit the freedom of speech.

There is another point under which circumstance government always step forward to block the users based by applying GeoIP-blocking on their region.

What is GeoIP-Blocking?

It is the internet limited access system which is authorized by the government which is applied by the geographic location of the users. In this blocking system, user are bound to get the limit the access of the internet or some time it depends as per the geographic location of the end user’s, the content of the website need to be changed.

GeoIP-Blocks Example: As per the internet result Finland, Afghanistan, Armenia, China, Bangladesh, Brazil, Germany, and Eritrea are those countries where access to YouTube has been blocked.

Features of AnonymoX:

  • These are the top features of AnonymoX which allow the user to enable the restricted barrier of the internet.
  • It anonymously browses the web
  • AnonymoX changes the IP address of the user and provides the anonymous IP generated by their system.
  • It allows the user to visit censored or blocked internet sites.
  • The Internet user can originate for another country to get access.
  • Secure the private date by changing it such as change browser ID, delete cookies, display user public IP and more

What is the functionality if AnonymoX?

When you run the internet with AnonymoX it enables the security step by step where needed such as when the user open any new website or familiar website, in order to access directly it will open into their own services to verify the security of users. This system of AnonymoX is called the Proxy where user original identification of internet is hiding, but the websites are currently visited by the Proxy.

Download AnonymoX For FireFox


Step #1. If you are using Mozilla Firefox internet browser, copy Firefox Add-ons AnonymoX

Step #2. Paste the URL into the Firefox URL bar and press enter.

Step #3. You will get the extension button press it and it wills add-on the extension into your web browser.

About Information:

  • Version: 4.3
  • Last updated: 6 months ago (Dec 13, 2018)
  • License: CC BY-NC-SA
  • Support Email:
  • Read the privacy policy carefully before installing AnonymoX add-ons into your Firefox website.

Download AnonymoX For Chrome


If you are using the Google Chrome internet browser software then copy the URL Anonymox Chrome Add-ons

Paste the AnonymoX Add-ons URL into the chrome URL bar and press enter.

Now you enter into the Chrome AnonymoX page where you get the extension button to add this tool into your browser.

About Information:

  • Version: 1.2.6
  • Updated: May 27, 2017
  • Size: 415KiB
  • Languages: English, Deutsch.
  • Offered by:

Want the AnonymoX Premium Code

Premium feature of Anonymox provides unlimited traffic with the fastest downloader speed up to 16,384 kbit/s. There is the encryption of an additional layer is available in the AnonymoX premium and the user does not get any advertising from AnonymoX add-ons premium feature. If you really want to get the premium feature of AnonymoX then follow the AnonymoX Premium link and follow the Premium plan as per your need.

AnonymoX Performance free Username and Password is now available in the screenshot, it sometimes works perfectly and provides the same feature for which you accept the AnonymoX.


How to Activate AnonymoX Premium Activation Code

It is very easy to update the Activation code when you are using the premium features by following the step.

When your AnonymoX installation is completed, enter the AnonymoX premium activation code (15553c9351) to the provided field as you can see in the screenshot.

AnonymoX is something other than an Add-On. The real anonymization and nation faking are finished by an anonymization organize. It comprises of numerous servers, in each nation of your nation list and these servers are given and overseen by us.

Final Word:

On the off chance that you utilize anonymoX’s anonymization organize without paying, that is conceivable in light of the fact that you by implication take an interest in the server subsidizing by review commercials. AnonymoX Premium provides the Add-ons for unlimited and ad-free utilize the network to the users worldwide, if you really want to be the part of AnonymoX then follow the instruction in this article and share your experience in the comment section.

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