How to Download Garage Band for Android?

Garage Band is a pioneer of music-making apps for the masses, and it remains unrivaled today. This Apple’s exclusive software comes pre-loaded on Macs, iPhones, and iPads, and operates like a fully-fledged music studio.

However, the app is available exclusively for iPhones and iPads, leaving Android users disappointed and frustrated. It simply means that the Garage Band isn’t officially available for Android smartphones. But hold on, as we have a way out.

If you are looking forward to downloading the Garage Band for Android and are unsure where to start, this tutorial will help you execute the process.

We have outlined the step-by-step instructions for downloading this one-of-a-kind iOS-exclusive app on your Android-powered devices. Hence, buckle up and get ready to make some extra effort to unleash the music universe on your phone.

Garage Band – What is it?

Launched in 2004, Garage Band is one of the leading and first-of-its-kind music-making applications. Seventeen years since its inception, Garage Band has become a widely appreciated audio software and is still in demand.

Before we start thinking about how to get this out-of-the-box software to your Android smartphone, let’s unravel some essential details about the Garage Band here to facilitate our new readers and those who still don’t know much about the same.

This music-making app is much like a music studio, giving access to lessons and sounds that include vocals, rhythm, and percussion. Combined with the Touch Bar features on MacBook Pro, this software makes editing and recording music seamless.

While this software comes pre-installed on iPhones and other Apple devices, it’s still a long way for Android users. For musicians,t this app is undoubtedly a must-have for musicians, eliminating the need for expensive audio gear or booking pricey studio time. The streamlined and user-friendly interface of this application makes it simple to navigate through the app’s multiple functions.

In addition, Garage Band has also added instruments and sounds to ensure that users don’t feel overwhelmed by their lack of familiarity. It starts everyone off in a default state, giving users the ability to craft and expand their own Garage Band experience.

The Key Features & Tools of Garage Band

Since Garage Band is an Apple-exclusive app, it is pretty clear that Android users must make additional efforts to get it on their smartphones. Hence, before you kickstart the download process, it’s good to have a quick overview of the prominent features and tools that make your time and efforts worthwhile.

  • Welcoming and Intuitive Layout

One of the biggest advantages of using Garage Band is its welcoming interface, irrespective of your expertise level. Whether a beginner or a seasoned professional, it’s a good way to start your music-making journey without any trouble. It has a Quick Help button in the top-left corner to enable yellow text boxes, explaining the function of anything your cursor is over.

  • Built-in Lessons

The next popular feature of the Garage Band application that makes it worth using it its built-in lessons for the guitar and piano. You’ll be glad to find out that there are 40 different genre-based lessons to follow along with using Touch instructions, thus allowing you to unleash your musical abilities.

  • Touch Instruments

Yet another splendid feature of Garage Band is its Touch Instruments, such as Piano, Guitar, and drums. It ensures a more realistic and life-like visceral sound when constructing a track.

  • Dedicated Editing Segment

The application features a special editing segment, which lets you create a track without hassles. Its GUI is touch-friendly and simple. The illustrated and well-defined guides let you instantly start the work. It also helps you organize up to eight songs in a row to save you time and effort.

  • Lightweight

Finally, Garage Band is a good choice for any music enthusiast, sound artist, musician, and others working in the industry. It is a lightweight app that won’t affect your mobile phone’s resources. Also, this app allows you to use the app while other programs keep running in the background.

  • Let you make the song from scratch

With the help of Garage Band, you can make a song from scratch in a matter of seconds. In addition, you can also share your creativity with your family and friends, thus pampering the music lover inside you. Moreover, the app lets you combine multiple pieces of equipment to customize the track.

  • Free to use

Last but not least, a feature that makes the Garage Band APK worth adding to your all drawer is its free availability. The APK version of this music-making app allows you to enjoy all the premium features of Garage Band free of cost, which means you can unleash your music creativity without shelling out bucks. Also, you shouldn’t worry about safety, as the APK file is secure and won’t impact your phone with malicious programs.

Is Garage Band available for Android?

Unfortunately, NO. Garage Band is an iOS-exclusive application that is pre-installed on iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. But while this app isn’t officially available for Android smartphones, you can still download it using the instructions mentioned below.

The APK version of the app is officially out on the internet, and most Android users are using it to satiate their music-making requirements. However, since the app isn’t available on Google Play Store, you can find them on several third-party websites. So, what keeps you holding? Keep reading the page and move to the next subhead to learn how to download Garage Band on Android.

A step-by-step guide to downloading Garage Band on Android

Are you ready to download and install Garage Band on your Android smartphones? Before giving a headstart to this process, open the Security tab on your Android, visit the Security Settings, and allow apps from Unknown Sources. This feature will allow Android users to install third-party applications without interruption.

Once done, open the web browser of your choice, and follow the step-by-step instructions below.

  • Enter the Garage Band APK in the search engine box and enter the search icon to find the results.
  • A new page with multiple third-party apps offering the APK link will appear on the screen. Go to a reliable third-party website and begin the process.
  • Tap the Download APK button and wait a few seconds to complete the process.

Once the .apk file has been successfully downloaded in your device, installing it is next. The installation part is very simplistic and easy to follow. However, to avoid being stuck in the middle of the process, make sure you have allowed apps from Unknown Sources before initiating the process.

To install the Garage Band APK on your Android Smartphone,

  • Visit the Downloads section on your Android and initiate a search for the Garage Band.apk file that you downloaded a few minutes back.
  • Double-click the file to open it, and the APK will start installing automatically.
  • Once done, you’ll find the shortcut on your home screen. Click on it and open the installed Garage Band application on your Android smartphone. Finally, the Garage Band is ready to use on your Android device.


The process to download the Garage Band for Android ends here. Do you like our homework? If so, then please leave your valuable feedback in the comment section below, and appreciate our team for their efforts. However, if you face any trouble using these instructions or any doubt regarding installing the Garage Band APK file, feel free to contact us. We would love to assist you in your hour of need.

Although the internet is packed with many Garage Band alternatives, nothing can offer a satisfying experience as the Garage Band, making it worth the extra effort. Hence, wait no more, and use our guide to download this app right away. For more such informational content, bookmark our page and stay in touch with us.

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