How to Print Text Messages from Android?

Have you ever thought about printing SMS conversations from Android? Well, to your surprise, the process is absolutely possible, even though Google hasn’t provided any obvious to do so. Getting a hard copy of your text messages might sound weird at first glance, but it might be helpful in certain scenarios.

However, since there’s no built-in print function available, people often find it challenging to execute the process. Wondering how to begin the process? Here’s a quick rundown of the workarounds that may help you print text messages from Android. Follow the steps mentioned below and get proof of every conversation at your disposal.

Is it possible to print a text message from Android?

Fortunately, Yes. While there’s no built-in print function available in Android to facilitate printing text messages, there are some other methods that may help you execute this process in a few simple clicks. You can either take a screenshot and then print out the same or use third-party apps that may help you with this situation.

Whatever method you choose, make sure to keep the hard copies safe and secure to avoid any data leaks. If you are a total beginner, having no idea about how to initiate the process, then fret not, as follow the practical methods listed below to complete the process.

The 3 Simple Ways to Print Text Messages from Android

Are you ready to get started? Here’s a quick rundown of the three simple yet effective methods to print text messages from Android. All of them are tried and tested, hence, you can follow any of the approaches to get the job done in seconds. Let’s get into it.

1.      Use a Screenshot Method

Let’s begin with the simplest. The screenshot approach is probably the easiest and most effective method to print your SMS conversations. It doesn’t require any additional apps or connections to other devices.

And the process seems a bit easier if you have Google Cloud Print setup. With this, you can print straight from your phone, thus saving you time and effort. Need help figuring out the process? Here’s how to start.

  • First of all, locate what conversation you want to print. Once you find it, capture a screenshot of the conversation on your Android. If it goes beyond one screen, just scroll down and continue taking screenshots to the end. You can also consider trying a rolling screenshot feature available on certain Android devices.
  • As soon as you are done taking screenshots, open the phone’s Gallery and select the “Share” icon at the bottom.
  • Make sure you have connected the device to the printer (either wired or wireless) to take a print.
  • Select the printer option, and it will open the cloud printer where you can send the SMS screenshots. Alternatively, if you don’t have a cloud print setup, then worry not and select email on the Share screen. Send the screenshot to your email address and open it to start printing. Besides you can also transfer the screenshot to your computer using your cloud storage service, like OneDrive or Google Drive.

2.      Print text messages with your PC

Are you struggling with printing your text messages from Android? Don’t waste time and effort, and involve your PC to make this process a breeze. Use the phone companion app on your Android and install the “Your Phone Windows app” on your PC.

If you haven’t used this app before, then don’t worry. It comes with a guide to let you understand the process.

Once you have installed these applications, follow the steps given below to get started.

  • To initiate the process, run both apps at the same time to sync your phone with your Windows computer. Follow on-screen prompts to further complete the syncing process.
  • Select the “Messages” link on the main page and browse the message conversation you want to print.
  • The text messages will then show up in the right panel. Take the screenshot, and print them right away. If the message or conversation is beyond the page, continue scrolling it further and repeat the screenshot process until you have the entire message captured.

3.      Use Super Backup to print text messages on Android

Another splendid method to carry out the process is to use the Super Backup (or any third-party app of your choice) method and get the job done with a swipe of your fingertips. We are rooting for Super Backups & Restore app owing to its simple interface and widespread popularity.

Shall we begin? Here’s how to go about it!!

  • Download and install the Super Backups & Restore application on your Android smartphone. Launch it and take a few more steps to print SMS conversations from Android.
  • Once you enter the Home Screen, you will find the SMS option. Click on it, and this will open a variety of options available to manage SMS threads available on your smartphone.
  • There, you need to select the “Backup Conversations” option and tick the checkbox next to the SMS conversation you want to print. Remember, if you print multiple conversations, then select checkboxes in front of all conversations and back those up.
  • Once done, you can now select any of these backed-up SMS conversations to print.
  • Return to the SMS screen and select the “Views Backup” button.
  • Pick the file among those backed-up a few seconds back and tap the printer icon that appears at the top of the window.
  • Print options will then appear on the screen. Send the file for printing, and the process ends here.


Printing text messages from Android isn’t something regular; hence, users often get confused when it comes to taking hard copies of their SMS conversations. But there’s no need to worry about it, as these workarounds mentioned above can get you through the process in little or no time. Do you find our guide useful? If so, then please share your feedback with us and let us know if our methods have helped you print the messages. For more such informational content pieces, bookmark the page and please get in touch with us.

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