Best Controller Compatible Android Games 2023

Mobile gaming is the fastest-growing sector, generating billions in revenue owing to the platform’s availability around the world. There’s no denying that the medium has several great titles that players can try out and stay occupied.

Those days are long gone when mobile games used to offer casual-only experiences. The presence of countless controller-compatible games has now changed the scenario altogether. Such games offer as much competitiveness and uniqueness as their PC and console counterparts.

Are you looking for games that allow players to connect a controller to their phone and offer a more familiar control scheme? Here, we have mapped out the nine best controller-compatible Android games you should try this year. In addition, the guide also covers some best Android controllers worth spending on to avoid any rash buying decision.

The 9 Best Controller-Compatible Android Games

Without wasting any further seconds, let’s scroll through the ten best and must-enjoying controller-compatible Android games. So, if you are sick of playing touchscreen-only games on your Android tablet, it’s time to revamp your experience and play with something much more tactile.

  1. TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge

Let’s start the list with Netflix’s high-profile release, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT): Shredder’s Revenge. This exciting side-scrolling brawler is designed with old-school charm, intuitive controls, and gripping gameplay.

TMNT offers art reminiscent of the original 80s cartoon, making it appear as a part of a throwback. The best part is the controller support, which is included and works well as it does on consoles.

However, before you get fascinated, be mindful that the game requires an active Netflix subscription.

  1. PUBG Mobile

Launched a few years back, this game has somehow managed to garner a massive fan following worldwide. With intense battle royale gameplay and engaging play sessions, it reached immense heights of popularity in no time and became a cult favorite.

PUBG requires quick reflexes to attain victory. And for this purpose, the game includes controller support for precise control and a thrilling experience. Connect the best Android controller and step into the PUBG universe to increase your chances of getting that elusive and hyped chicken dinner.

  1. Vampire Survivors

The name says it all. At its core, Vampire Survivors is a top-down auto-shooting game packed with enemies that never stop. It’s your job to collect upgrades as you play to defeat more and more enemies.

This game has carved a niche for itself among Steam users and made its way to Android smartphones with a mobile-specific release. While the game offers out-of-the-box controller support, it also works well with touch controls and is available in both landscape or portrait mode to suit your convenience.

  1. Genshin Impact

The next controller-compatible Android game you shouldn’t overlook in 2023 is Genshin Impact. It was initially labeled as nothing more than Breath of the Wild Clone, it then carved its path to the mainstream controller game collection with its surprisingly deep gameplay and pay-to-win trappings.

It is perfectly playable with its precise touch controls while giving players a greater sense of control with a gamepad.

  1. GRID Autosport

How could we forget to include racing games when making a list of the best controller-compatible Android game list? Racing games are pretty popular on a mobile platform. These games translate you to another world and offer a more realistic racing experience.

One such mobile racing game you should try this year is GRID Autosport. This racing title is ideal for those seeking out more life-like experiences without shelling out bucks. However, this game comes with a bit of a learning curve, which is something mobile gamers might not expect.

Also, this game is suitable only for those gamers who already have used controllers before; otherwise, they waste much time learning how to drive a car.

  1. Into the Breach

Yet another Netflix exclusive that you should give a try in 2023 is Into the Breach. It is a strategy game and an indie sensation, featuring high-end graphics wrapped in a classic turn-based gameplay.

If you have enjoyed titles like Final Fantasy Tactics or X-Com, then you must adore this game and take it for a spin on Android. However, like all other Netflix games or content, you must require an active Netflix account and subscription.

  1. Asphalt 9: Legends

Gameloft has hit a gold mine with its Asphalt series. It continues to wow players with its amazing graphics and tight racing mechanics. The best part is that the game is easy to pick and play, with a massive array of courses and races, adding to the allure of this title.

The latest game in the series is Asphalt 9: Legends which has followed the trend of excellence by pushing the boundaries of mobile graphics. It is pretty famous for its precise touch controls and gripping graphics.

  1. GTA: San Andreas

GTA is one of the most legendary open-world games ever made, and thankfully, players can now enjoy this game on their Android smartphones. Although the game is often surrounded by controversies, it’s no wonder that the title is still beloved.

However, players can only unlock the game’s full potential if they use Android controllers for precise controls. The sandbox of the game still impresses gamers, and its mobile version can be further enhanced with a controller that makes the movement even more smooth and more accurate.

  1. Life is Strange

Do you love story-based games? If so, then turn to the one-of-a-kind story-driven adventure game ever made, Life is Strange. It is nothing short of a massive achievement and is filled with memorable character interactions and an excellent storyline.

Players who want to experience this title to its maximum potential must use a physical controller to move the lead character, Max, around and interact with all environments.

Which Android Controllers are Good to Invest in?

Feeling amused? Well, hold your horses as before you download any of the above titles, make sure to find the best Android controller to unleash these games to their maximum potential. Here, we have put together the five must-try controllers for Android that let you enjoy an immersive experience without costing a dime.

  • SteelSeries Stratus Duo

SteelSeries is a most popular name when it comes to gaming peripherals, and for good reasons. This Stratus Duo is widely acclaimed for its tough build quality, easy-to-click buttons, and effective Bluetooth support. Moreover, this controller is available at an affordable price tag, making it an ideal option for budget-savvy players.

  • Gamesir X3

The next in the queue is Gamesir X3. It is a hybrid mobile game controller with a built-in cooler for your Android phone. Amazing, isn’t it? Moreover, it comes with an adjustable USB-C connector and responsive buttons.

However, this controller is a bit bulkier than some other options out there and leaves a lot of room for customization.

  • Sony PlayStation Dual Sense Controller

The list of best Android controllers is incomplete without Sony’s DualSense Controller. It sets a new benchmark and comes with adaptive triggers and haptics. Also, it features a built-in mic for a voice-control facility. However, it might not be good in terms of battery and lies a bit on the expensive side.

  • Microsoft Xbox Core Controller

With simple and easy-to-use controls, Microsoft Xbox Core Controller is worth spending your hard-earned cash. While this controller is primarily designed for Xbox, it supports and works flawlessly with Android phones. The product features an affordable pricey tag and comes with tactile buttons.

  • MSI Force GC30

Last but not least, the controller you should try in 2023 is MSI Force GC30. It is one of the most affordable controllers on the list and works well with Android phones. Moreover, it features dual connection modes and has same layout as an Xbox controller.


That’s all for now. If you are not a fan of touch controls but still want to play Android games, this roundup is for you. All of the titles mentioned above serve your demands and offer you an immersive gaming experience. Not to mention, these games work just fine with touch controls but play better with a controller.

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