What Is Chrome Beta for Android?

Are you someone that uses Google Chrome as their primary browser on their Android devices? If you answered yes, Chrome Beta for Android is something you will enjoy.

It is nothing but the beta version of Google Chrome, where you get early access to different features and even get to share suggestions with Google developers based on your user experience.

This article will walk you through all that you need to know about Chrome Beta for Android and its uses.

What is Chrome Beta for Android?

Chrome beta is a specialized “beta” version of the Google Chrome browser for Android devices. This is not the same as the stable version of Google Chrome we are used to using.

Chrome Beta is designed for early adopters and enthusiasts who want to explore forthcoming features and functionalities. This platform serves as a testing environment where users can experience cutting-edge updates before they’re officially released.

What are the Feature Distinctions of Chrome Beta for Android from the Stable Version?

If you are wondering what sets apart Chrome beta from the standard Google Chrome browser, you aren’t alone. There are quite a few different distinctions, so let us understand those:

  • Early access to features– With the beta version, users can get early access to a variety of new features that are not available in the stable version. This can include UI-related features or performance optimizations.
  • Bugidentification – Using Chrome beta allows you to test out the browser, identify potential bugs or issues with the browser, and then report the same back to the Google developers so they can work on fixing the issue.
  • Performance– Chrome Beta often includes performance enhancements that aim to improve webpage loading times, responsiveness, and overall browsing speed. Users can experience the potential improvements before they are rolled out to the stable version.
  • Experimentalfeatures – Lastly, Chrome beta includes a variety of experimental features, which are made available in the beta version before they are released in the stable version.

How to Download Chrome Beta for Android?

If you are excited about these additional perks and features that come with Chrome Beta, downloading this isn’t as difficult as you think.

However, before you download this browser, keep in mind that Chrome Beta is an unfinished and unstable application, so it comes with a lot of bugs and performance issues. We’d recommend that you never use it in your primary Android smartphone since it can affect the device’s performance.

Instead, if you have a secondary smartphone that you use to test out apps, that’s where you can download the application.

As for the installation, you’d have to access the download file on Softonic and then download the file that will redirect you to the Google Play Store page for Chrome Beta. From there, you can install the browser on your Android device.


Chrome Beta for Android serves as a glimpse into the future of mobile browsing. It allows users to participate in the development process, offering early access to innovative features and improvements. There are a few downsides to using this app but it comes with a lot of benefits too.

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