How To Download the Newsmax App for Android?

When it comes to American news applications, there are hundreds to choose from. If you are particularly looking for Conservative American news apps, Newsmax is the one that’s gaining more and more precedence.

Newsmax is a comprehensive news channel and app that covers topics surrounding health, finance, world events, politics, etc., and brings true and unbiased news pieces directly to their viewers. Besides their standard television portal, their app is high in demand too.

If you have been meaning to use Newsmax and have been wondering how to download the app for Android devices, this article will explain it all.

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More about Newsmax

Newsmax, as we explained, is a free news portal that hosts a variety of news across different categories like health, politics, finance, and world events. The app operates under Newsmax Media, which was founded by Christopher Ruddy in 1998.

Since its inception, Newsmax initially gained traction as 24/7 Newsmax TV, where they record news in live studios across New York. Now, the app version of this new portal has gained more traction among the viewers.

The portal is primarily a hit among conservative circles and is cumulatively watched by 70 million people worldwide, which is quite promising, to say the least.

What is Different about the Newsmax App?

Unlike all the other news portals for Android devices, the Newsmax app is no different. They are focused on making news more accessible to people, especially when it involves bringing unbiased and true news directly to the viewers.

What’s great about the app version of this news portal is the convenience. People can keep up with the news while they are traveling since it’s directly available on the smartphone.

Not just that, the categorized layout with all the latest updates like “TV schedule for the week” and “Special programs” make the whole thing a lot more accessible and comprehensive than the standard live version that you watch on the television.

Also, the best part about the Newsmax app is that it’s free. You don’t have to worry about paying for anything to be able to access the news, which is quite enticing.

How to Download the Newsmax App on Android?

With all the basic insights out of the way, the following are the easy steps to download the Newsmax app on your Android device.

  1. Start by opening the Play Store on your Android
  2. In the search bar, type “Newsmax app” and press Enter
  3. Find the app from the search results
  4. Tap on “Install” and wait until the installation is complete
  5. Once done, the Android phone will scan for any issues and then launch the app.

Following installation, you can go ahead and either create an account or directly access the news on the app.


Newsmax app is one of the best news applications for Android devices. If you were wondering how to download the app and get started with it, we hope this answers all your questions and queries. Ensure that you are downloading from the Play Store and not from third-party stores available online.


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