TweakBox App Download Tutorial 2021

Out of all the unofficial app stores available today, millions of users would agree that TweakBox tops the lot. A comprehensive option, TweakBox offers users more than 2,000 official and unofficial apps and games, including modified versions, Cydia tweaks, and lots more. It’s all for free, and you don’t need to install Cydia on your device either.

What is TweakBox?

A third-party app installer, TweakBox is pretty much a third-party app store. While it offers a lot of what is in the official store, it is all for free, and it provides loads of modified stock apps, popular games unlocked, tweaks, and more. It is compatible with all iOS devices up to iOS 13 and the new iPadOS. Cydia is no longer a requirement to get this kind of content, and you don’t need to go anywhere near the official store.

App Features:

The sheer number of apps available in TweakBox dictates that it would take you forever to find what you wanted to download. So, to help you, everything has been divided into four main categories:

App Store Apps – these are the apps and games you can get in the official store, all free

TweakBox Exclusive Apps – apps you cannot find in any official app store, including tweaks like games emulators, fully-featured screen recorders, movie and music streaming apps, and much more

Tweaked Apps – stock apps, revamped with additional features, such as Spotify++, Snapchat++, Instagram++ and more

Modified Games – top-rated games, unlocked, free to use and with new features, including Pokémon Go, Minecraft PE, GTA and more

Is TweakBox Safe?

TweakBox is 100% safe to use. The fact that you don’t need to jailbreak means that your iPhone or iPad isn’t being ‘hacked’ and the root of the OS isn’t being opened to the potential for threats. Because TweakBox is installed using the same kinds of permissions standard app store apps use, it doesn’t contravene any Apple security protocols, and this means they cannot void your warranty.  The only downside is that Apple revokes certificates for unofficial apps like TweakBox, but you can stop this by using a VPN on your device.

How to Install TweakBox:

It isn’t hard to get TweakBox onto your iPhone or iPad; you just need a decent internet connection, preferably Wi-Fi. Here’s how to do it:

Step #1: Open Safari browser and go to the official TweakBox download page

Step #2: Click on Download and then on Allow

Step #3: Open your iOS Settings app and click on General

Step #4: Go to Profiles and Device Management

Step #5: Go to the section for Downloaded Profiles and look for TweakBox

Step #6: Tap it and then tap Install

Step #7: Tap Install on the confirmation box

Step #8: When the TweakBox icon is on your home screen, it’s all done.

Using TweakBox:

TweakBox is one of the easiest installers to use:

Step #1: Tap the app icon to open it

Step #2: Pick a category from the home screen

Step #3: Find an app or game and tap it

Step #4: Tap Install on the app page and follow any other directions that may appear on the screen

Step #5: Wait until you see the app icon on your home page and it’s all yours.

How to Fix Untrusted Developer Error:

Whenever you try to use an unofficial app, an Untrusted Developer error will appear. Apple does not allow the use of unofficial apps, and they will stop you by telling you the developer isn’t trusted. You can fix this easily enough:

Make a note of the developer name on the error message

Click on Cancel and open your Settings app

Go to General and then Profiles

Find the name of the developer and tap it

Trust it, close Settings, and try the game or app again.

How to Fix Profile Installation Failed Error:

TweakBox normally runs very well on most devices, but there is one error that we hear about quite often – the Profile Installation Failed error. This looks much worse than it actually is, and it easy enough to fix.

This error usually happens when you are trying to download and install TweakBox when the Apple Servers are struggling to cope with traffic. The first thing you should do is wait. Leave it for a couple of hours and then try again; if traffic levels have dropped, you shouldn’t have a problem. If, however, the error doesn’t clear, you need to clear the data and history on your device. Here’s how:

Step #1: Put your device into Airplane mode

Step #2: Open Settings and find the section for Safari

Step #3: Tap on Clear History and Website Data

Step #4: Tap Clear History and Data

Step #5: Close your Settings app

Step #6: Disable Airplane mode and make sure Wi-Fi is switched on

Step #7: Wait a few minutes and then try installing TweakBox again – you should find it works now.

How to Delete TweakBox:

There are a  couple of reasons why you may want TweakBox removed from your device. First, it may not offer the app or game you want – it has over 2,000 of the most popular, but that doesn’t mean yours is there. Second, some niggling errors can only be fixed by deleting TweakBox and then reinstalling it. There are two ways  to delete it:

Method 1: The App Icon

Step #1: Find and long-press on the TweakBox icon on your home page

Step #2: Wait until all the apps start wiggling and tap on the cross on the TweakBox icon

Step #3: Tap on Delete on the window that opens, and TweakBox is removed.

Method 2: iOS Profiles

Step #1: Open Settings and go to General

Step #2: Go into Profiles and find the TweakBox profile

Step #3: Tap it and tap on Delete

Step #4: TweakBox will be removed.

There can be no question that TweakBox is a popular installer and one of the easiest ways of installing unofficial apps and games onto your device. You should, if you are using as an alternative to Cydia, bear in mind that it doesn’t and cannot contain the same level of the content found in the jailbreak store.

With what is on offer, it should offer more than enough for most people though, at least until the next jailbreak is released. Try it for yourself and see what it offers.

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