How to Install YouTube Progressive Web App on Windows PC

YouTube Progressive Web App

It’s hard to believe that in this day and age, even one individual is unaware of YouTube’s existence. Here we are, referring to one of the most popular online video streaming platforms on the planet. There is a huge amount of video content on the internet, and this is where much of it is stored and played back. … Read more

How to Download and Install Official Microsoft Office Free on Windows PC

Microsoft Office Free on Windows PC

A massive change occurred in the way in which a variety of office tasks were performed more than thirty years ago. The digital age resulted in several positive effects; but, in order to maximize their usefulness, users needed additional resources. It is exactly because of this that Microsoft Office has become the companion of all those … Read more

PS Remote Play: How to download & Use On Windows PC?

PS Remote Play

Have you ever thought to control your PlayStation remotely? Well, it’s time to bring your fantasy to life!! Developers have now rolled out the PS Remote Play, which lets you control your PlayStation console remotely, provided that you have a high-speed internet connection. This advanced feature of the Sony Video Game consoles allows PlayStation 3, … Read more

What are the disadvantages of cloud computing?

A lot of people talk about cloud computing as a cool innovation that has many advantages.  However, what are the disadvantages? Today we will figure it out. To begin with, cloud infrastructure consulting provides a wide range of services, from traditional offerings to new ones, such as networking, storage, and processing. Cloud computing technology is … Read more

Having Fun on Your Laptop: 7 Ways to Pass the Time

If you have a laptop and find yourself bored, it means that you are doing something wrong. There are multiple ways to keep yourself entertained with the device, especially if there is an internet connection available. Those who are interested in learning how to have fun on their laptop should find this article quite useful. … Read more

How To Run Android Apps On Windows 10 PC

Android Apps On Windows 10 PC

Running Android on Windows PC has become the talk of the town since Microsoft landed the Windows 11 update. This new Windows 2021 update has the simple feature to run Android app on PC without using any emulator. Ever since people started buzzing about this innovative feature, current Windows 10 users started searching for a … Read more

Everything you Need to Know About Content://

content temporaryNotifications

We are living in a digital world and are adopting every new technology. But every new tech also comes with a threat. No, we are saying any tech a threat but hackers and attackers can do their things through this tech. For instance, online banking is a great advantage for all the people who don’t … Read more

Best Tips to Keep Your Mac Healthy


A Mac is a great device that will serve for years and years – both for your work and entertainment. These computers are valued by many – graphic designers, music directors, and so many other professionals. Although Macs are not resistant to any technical issues that could occur to any other computers, like bugs, slowing … Read more

Ryuk: What is this ransomware and how to remove it?


Cybersecurity experts call ransomware the biggest and most devastating information technology problem of our time and they are all too common these days. Cybercriminals will attack any consumer and any business. Ransomware affects everybody from your personal computer at your house to businesses and of course government entities. Currently, there is one specific group that … Read more