Panda Helper App Download Tutorial 2021

If the iOS app store no longer offers you what you want and you are looking for an alternative way of installing apps and games, look no further than Panda Helper. A third-party app installer, Panda Helper offers a huge choice of unofficial content, and you don’t even need to jailbreak to install it.

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What is Panda Helper?

Panda Helper is an unofficial app store, originally released for those who couldn’t jailbreak their is one of the most comprehensive and reliable of all the Cydia alternatives, and it offers users a huge choice of apps and games, themes, ringtones, comics, tweaks and much more.

Panda Helper is available in two flavors – free and VIP. The free version offers more than enough for most users but, if you are looking for more choice, a faster app, and no ads, then go for the paid VIP version.

Why is Panda Helper so Special?

Simply because it is a legal way of jailbreaking, while it isn’t actually jailbreaking, it does offer quite a lot of the same features, but it is installed with the same permissions as any other app. That means you don’t hack your device, you don’t go against Apple’s security, and you get the added protection of SSL Encryption. It doesn’t take up all your device resources, and it doesn’t get in the way of anything else you may be running on your device.

How to Download Panda Helper:

Decide between free and VIP and then follow the relevant steps:

Method 1: Free Version

  1. Using the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad, open the Panda Helper Download page
  2. Tap on Download, and the app profile page opens
  3. Tap on the link to Install and then go to your device home screen
  4. If you see the word “waiting” on the installation indicator, tap it, and the installation will begin
  5. Wait, when the install has finished, Panda Helper is yours to use.

Method 2: VIP Version

The VIP version of Panda Helper offers a bit more than you get with the free version, including no ads and much faster downloads, not to mention more content. To get it, follow the link to find out how you can download Panda Helper VIP with just small payment.

Panda Helper Features:

The developers have made things much easier for you by sorting all the apps and games into separate categories.

  • App Store Apps – official iOS app store content for free
  • Exclusive Apps – unofficial content including emulators, screen recorders, streaming apps, tweaks, and more
  • Tweaked Apps – Some of the best and most popular stock iOS apps with new features – Spotify++, Instagram++, Snapchat++ and more
  • Modified Games – popular games, like GTA, Pokémon Go, Minecraft PE and more, all free and with in-app features unlocked

Fixing Untrusted Developer Error:

The untrusted Developer error happens with most unofficial content, simply because the developer is unknown to Apple. Fixing it is easy, just remember the name of the developer from the error message:

  1. Open your Settings app
  2. Navigate through General to Profiles
  3. Find the developer name and tap it
  4. Tap Trust and then close Settings – whatever app or game you downloaded will now work

Panda Helper is comprehensive and incredibly versatile. Because you don’t need to jailbreak to use, it is open to pretty much everyone, and because it’s free, more people are likely to use it. Panda Helper offers you choice – free apps, official apps, unofficial, modified apps, and more. Give it a go; see what you think of it and follow the developer on Facebook for more cool tips.

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