When does it make sense to bet on the underdog?


It’s often said that everybody loves an underdog. There is a measure of truth in that cliche, too, even if it mostly shows when the overdog is one of those super-efficient teams or pros that is easy to respect and hard to love. When the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl … Read more

What Was the Magic of Retro Video Games About?

Retro video games

Before we take a deep dive into why we all love what all games do, let’s take a second to explain what retro gaming or playing of retro video games is. Retrogaming can simply be described as old school gaming or the collecting and/or playing of older pc, console video games that are obsolete or … Read more

Mobile Gaming Genres Taking Over App Stores

Mobile Gaming Genres

Mobile games have been the trend that turned into the norm, taking over the gaming industry despite the naysayers predicting that people would never come round to the idea of playing complex games on small screens with fiddly little controls. Now there are a plethora of different genres under the mobile gaming umbrella, each boasting … Read more

How to Play the Best Mobile Games in South Africa

Mobile gaming has exploded in South Africa. As they often do in nations where smartphones and data plans become more accessible, gaming apps and mobile browser gaming sites are now a prominent feature in the lives of many adults. It’s easygoing, casual entertainment for the masses, with research into the scene finding that the majority … Read more

Best Tablets For Streaming Sports Online

Streaming Sports Online

Live sporting events across the U.S. attract some of the highest audiences in terms of actual venue attendance and on small screens around the nation. While there’s an average of around 67,000 people attending games in person across the NFL, it pales into insignificance compared to those who choose to take in their sport from … Read more

How To Choose A Betting Platform?

For many years now, betting has become a huge part of the entertainment industry. Passionate punters like to wager money on popular events and sports. The betting industry has grown exponentially since its humble beginnings, with more people than ever before taking part in betting activities online. People bet on sports for different reasons and … Read more

Pink Whale Challenge: A Good Alternative to Blue Whale Challenge | How to Prevent Your Kids from Dangerous Games

Pink Whale Challenge

Introduction: What is the “Pink Whale Challenge” and How It Is Different from the “Blue Whale Challenge?” The “pink whale challenge” is an internet phenomenon in which players are given a series of tasks that encourage players to self-love. This game is totally opposite to Blue Whale Challenge game that gives increasingly difficult tasks to … Read more

Do Villagers Despawn in Minecraft? How to Keep Your Villagers from Despawning?

Do Villagers Despawn

There are many worlds in Minecraft, and sometimes they can be lonely and scary places. You witness unexpected terrors of creatures and zombies at night. Minecraft is dangerous, and no one would want to sacrifice themselves to other dangerous and bloodsucking animals. However, villagers and their peculiarities are something that makes the world of Minecraft … Read more