Download RocketDock for Windows 10

RocketDock is an incredible launcher for Windows 10 and other versions. It gives you too many new things and features like the dock on the top edge of the screen to drop files, folders, and application’s shortcuts for easy access and arrangement. So all these items are entirely customizable and to set your location, size, look and everything.

However, you want to put your oar in with the look of your PC then download RocketDock for Windows 10. It’s very hand free application and that offers a trouble-free and clean crossing point for easy usage and deal and beautiful, straightforward set up that put left minimal system resources.

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The RocketDock application can stay on any way of the screen and provide somewhere to stay shortcuts to the apps and folders. When you hover mouse cursor the icons here without delay out in a bigger size rising its visibility.

Download RocketDock for Windows 10

How to install and Use RocketDock for Windows 10

Step 1: First you have to download and install RocketDock for windows 10 from above link. Now you can see the icons of This PC, Network, Document, Folders, Supports, and Recycle bin after it takes place. Now you have to, I would advise you to remove unnecessary items from the dock. And the right clicks on an icon and select Delete Item from the list on the context menu to declutter the dock look.

Step 2:  Now you have to customize it so click on the Dock Settings icon, the second last by default.

Step 3:  It will open a new window which consists – General, Icons, Position, Style, Behavior and About tabs on the left bar. Select each tab and customize the individual components of the Dock.

Step 4: In the General Settings you can include the choices for Language selection, Run at Startup, Store Settings which should be Portable INI (single-user), Minimize Windows to Dock, “Running Application Indicators,” Open Running Application Instance, and Lock Items. Customize all the options according to your requirement. However, we suggest especially to uncheck Run at Startup.

Step 5: By Icon Settings helps the user to do any adjustment with the “icons,” for instance, opacity, and quality, size, hover effect, etc.

Step 6: To Change the location that you are comfortable with the interface, select Position. From here, you can send it to any side of the screen, center, and increase and decrease Edge Offset.

Step 7: And the Style that allows you to personalization of the dock’s looks. Select appropriate Theme, Opacity, Icon Labels such as Font, and Color. Use the sliders, dialog boxes, and drop downs and make the appearance adorable.

Step 8: After that, you want to choose the appropriate options in the Behavior tab to alter the Icon Attention Effect and Popup on Mouseover.

Note: Select OK at the end of each step to save the new setting.

That’s it.

Winding Up

Now you can make your desktop good-looking like attraction and daydream using this fantastic tool. Using this tool, you should adjust the icon on any part of the screen, so that it does not have an effect on any work and disturb viewing of the screen. Therefore, Download RocketDock for Windows 10 and enjoy a new experience.

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