Prodigy Math Game – Learn Math Easily with Cool Math Games

Prodigy Math Game is an online tool and mobile application where students can learn math by playing math games and learn math game easily. Prodigy math game is totally free and it will remain free forever. Parents go for Prodigy membership to check the progress of their progress. According to its official website, it will remain free for teachers and students forever.

Online math learning sites and apps are getting popularity these days. Teacher, parents, and students are using these sites as they offer a phenomenal platform to learn math. Online platforms such as MathPapa, HoodaMath, and many more are being used worldwide to learn math with math games, math test, math tutorials, and many more fun math activities. On Prodigy Math Game students from grade 1 to grade 8 could find the math course of according to their grade on the site. More than 20 million parents, teacher, and students, according to its official website, all across the world are using Prodigy Math Game for free and they trust this tool to learn and teach their kids and students math with cool math games.

Prodigy Math Game

Is Prodigy Free? What is Prodigy Membership?

As we said in this post earlier that Prodigy Math Game is free and it will remain free for students and teacher forever. But there is an optional parent upgrade called Prodigy Membership. This Prodigy Math Game paid upgrade unlocks extra game material such as new hairstyles for a kid’s character and it is helpful for parents who want to track their kids’ progress in math skill through Prodigy but it has absolutely no impact on educational quality. The education quality of the paid and free version of Prodigy Math Game is the same.

There are three Prodigy Membership plans as a premium prodigy math game. The plans go like for one month, six months, and one year. The plan details are as follows; $8.95 for one month plan, $47.70 for six months, and one-year subscription cost $59.88.

Prodigy App – Prodigy Math Game Apps for Android and iOS

Undoubtedly Prodigy Math Game is the best web-based online platform to learn math online but additionally, you can get prodigy app on your iPhone, iPad, and Android phones. You can download prodigy app absolutely free from the respective app store.

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Why use Prodigy Math Game to learn Math?

Prodigy Math Games offers a unique learning experience with an interactive math game where you have to score a good score and your progress in learning skills depends on correctly answering questions in math games. Kids could earn rewards, play math games with friends and learn all new things about math with learning a new skill.

Why is Prodigy Math Game Important to Learn Math?

Prodigy Math Game is a very significant tool to learn math with cool math games and math tutorials.

  • Every math game and tutorials are according to each student’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Prodigy Math Game is fully connected with your classroom as its math questions are fully designed with state-level curricula which include Common Core and TEKS.
  • It offers more than 1,500 skills to give students the opportunity to learn more and keep growing.
  • These above features are for students and kids, for parents Prodigy Math Game is also an important tool:
  • Parents can check what math practice their kids are working on
  • Parents can check kids’ understanding and progress level with Prodigy Membership.
  • Parents can also set goals and give reward to encourage even kids more with prodigy membership.

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