How location technology changed online gaming industry?

We live in an age which is dominated by technology. New technologies are entering the market every single day. There is not a single industry in this world that is not benefitted or run without the aid of technology. Similarly, even the online gaming industry is also benefited from the new upcoming technologies.

One such technology that has transformed the online gaming scenario is location-based technology. Having said that now let’s take a look into the details of location technology and how it has helped the online gaming industry.

location technology

What is location-based technology?

Location-based games first surfaced during the early 2000s following the artistic experimentation and commercialization of GPS systems with locative media technologies.

Location-based games are played in every day public areas. It is aided by GPS and networked mobile technologies that are used to track your location. Location technology is mainly developed for mobile devices.

The said technology is connecting elements of open-air field games with the latest technologies that are available in mobile phones. This includes wireless fast speed internet, augmented reality, image recognition, and others.

In this era of integration, everything is integrated with everything. Up till now, there are many location-based games that have emerged in the market. One of the biggest examples is Pokemon Go. Even one of the most popular games, Angry Birds, have also introduced location-based elements in the game.

This allows players to compete with each other on a leader board based on location. These are only a few of the names or else, you can find several such games in the market.

Even online casino games are making use of location technologies in order to provide a better user experience to the players. The technology is tailored based on the country and language of the players.For example, a user who enters a site of an online casino in New Jersey will see a version that is adapted for players from New Jersey, both in language and in regulation.

Things To Know About Location-Based Games

Although you have played a location-based game before chances are that the concept is still not clear to you. We have listed some of the important points that will help you to understand location-based games.

  1. A location-based game is basically a game that is known to make use of the player’s location. This is done through a GPS sensor model for generating location-specific information.
  2. Since location-based games are dependent on location-based services, these games are solely available only on all mobile platforms.
  3. A location-based game is completely dependent on a player’s location and thus, it becomes extremely difficult for developers to provide an even game experience to the players.
  4. In a location-based game, the player is required to move around in the real world. In other words, you cannot play these games while sitting at one place. You are required to go outdoors in order to make progress in these games. Although this is an interesting concept many of the players may find it tiresome to roam about the whole time while playing the game. This is particularly true for players who are big-time lazy peoples.
  5. There are times that the game’s mechanics are not able to adapt to the location of the player. In this game, the player will not be able to have a good experience in the game.

To conclude, it can be said that location-based games are no doubt great. The concept or the technology behind the game is new and it needs to be improved more than its present state.

That’s because there are a lot of things that need to be fixed. But no worries as the developers are working on the issues and they are able to solve some of the problems one by one.

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