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What is HoodaMath – Hooda Math is an Educational website where students can learn mathematics more quickly with Hooda math escape games, math tests, math movies, and everything about basic math with animation and such games. We know Mathematics is one of the boring subjects, at least for me it was. But nowadays kids have many options to learn math quickly and with more fun. Sites like MathPapa and HoodaMath are striving hard to make math easy to learn through their websites. With animation, games, videos and animated tutorials you or if you are a parent your kids can learn math without getting bored.

Hoodamath was established by a middle school teacher in 2010 and it has more than 1000 math games. Hoodamath has been designed in a way that you can easily learn math with its easiest method to understand mathematical rules and mathematical problems. Your kids may hate the math but they can’t hate the games and animation, I mean math games can be more fun while teaching and learning math so they won’t irritating. Hooda Math movies will let you teach the basic rules and basic math with its wittiness.


Hoodamath offers mathematic learning games, movies, tests from Kindergarten to High School. No matter how old you are, you can’t hate games and animation. Keeping this in mind hoodamath is designed in a way that Math will no longer boring subject for you. Whether you are a teacher or parent, hoodamath is one of the best online websites to teach kids the math the way they want to learn. Even some games on the sites are addicting that your kids would always be playing them and indirectly learning math with having fun.

Features of HoodaMath

  • The best site to learn Math online – By offering hoodamath escape games, math tests, math movies, and many more tricks for almost every grade, it is one of the best sites available on the internet to learn math.
  • Math Games by grade – As we mentioned earlier, hoodamth is available for everyone from kinder garden to high school students.
  • Over 1000 Math Games – According to the site, it has more than 1000 math games to learn math more quickly.
  • Adobe Flash Math Games and Math games for all device – Earlier all the hoodamath games were supporting Adobe Flash player but with its recent updates it has been updated to support games on all device and platforms. If you still want to play games on Adobe Flash games you can find older games which can still be played Adobe.
  • Math Movies – With Hooda math movies, kids can learn algebra, trigonometry, and various other mathematics topics with math movies.
  • Math Tutorials – Grade wise tutorials are given so students can understand more effectively.
  • Math Tests – There are several hooda math tests such as math timed tests, fraction timed tests, integers timed tests, may more to measure how much you have learned on the hooda math.
  • Well-categorized – All the games, tests, tutorials, movies, and every method on the hooda math is well-categorized for each grade and topic so it becomes easy for you to choose from when to start the lessons.

Hooda Math Games

Hooda math Escape Games are challenging and have various kinds of puzzles which include arithmetic problems as well. All hooda math escape game are puzzles themselves and they make the learning process more adventurous. Hooda math Papa’s Games are so much fun that you won’t even notice that every game has a different style of measurement to learn math. Games are categorized as follows:

  • Escape games
  • Shop Games
  • Grow Games
  • Logic Games
  • Geometry Games
  • Physics Games
  • Word Games and All other games

Final Words:

If you really want to teach your kids or children math without getting them bored and with having much more enthusiasm and fun then hoodamath is one of the websites in the market which offers all the features and fun to understand math problems more easily and quickly.

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