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What is MathPapa? – MathPapa is an algebra calculator that helps to solve your Mathematical problems and sums related to Algebra. Mathpapa solves the algebra problems with step by step guide so you will understand the problem easily and you can learn how to solve it easily by yourself. MathPapa can solve algebraic equations and help you when you are stuck on your math homework and you don’t know whom to ask for help. Anyone can master algebra at his or her own pace and can form a strong foundation of math knowledge and the MathPapa seems the best option to learn and to solve the Math sums.

Math has always been hard for the particular set of students or people and I belong to that specific set. Now, there can be two options either you can copy the whole homework from your friends’ workbook or you can learn the methods by hiring a tutor to help you. But right now everything is possible there are several ways to learn and solve the mathematical problems and Mathpapa is one of the best online calculators to help you solve the algebra. You can learn from basic algebra to pro level on MathPapa.


MathPapa is also available as a Mobile app for Android as well as Apple. So if you want to learn and solve algebra with MathPapa then what could be more fun than having this awesome algebra calculator on your mobile devices?

How MathPapa can help you to solve Algebra Problems

MathPapa offers an algebra calculator to solve algebra problems step by step. On the app and its website you can also learn the lessons and can practice mastering algebra on your own. It starts from basic if you want to learn from the bottom.

Features of Mathpapa

  • MathPapa helps to learn linear equations and quadratic equations.
  • It helps to solve linear and quadratic inequalities.
  • Graphs equations can be easily solved and learned on MathPapa.
  • Even a new student can learn the factors quadratic expressions.
  • Learn the order of operations step-by-step.
  • It helps to solve and learn to evaluate expressions.
  • With the help of MathPapa, you will be able to solve systems of two equations.

Download MathPapa on Android and iOS devices

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Step-By-Step Solutions Using MathPapa –

MathPapa’s primary goal is to help the student learn algebra step-by-step. You can get help on algebra sums or problem with the MathPapa Algebra Calculator.

MathPapa Algebra Calculator

Algebra Calculator is a very hand and super easy to use. It provides a step-by-step help on algebra problems.

How To Use The Mathpapa Algebra Calculator:

Using MathPap app to learn and to solve Algebra is as easy as ordering pizza online. Just type your problem into the text box.

For example, enter 3x+7=23 into the box to get a step-by-step explanation on how to solve 3x+7=23.

Math Symbols –

  • Here are some mathematical symbols that this calculator understands:
  • + [Addition]
  • – [Subtraction]
  • * [Multiplication]
  • / [Division]
  • ^ [Exponent: “raised to the power”]
  • √ [Square Root]
  • |x| [Absolute Value of x]

MathPapa Practices

MathPapa can help to teach you several practices and lessons which can be helpful to solve algebra problems.  Here are some practices that you can learn to solve your math problems.

  • Basic Arithmetic – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Basic Arithmetic Review
  • Basic Equations Equations – Fill in the Blank 1/Blank 2/Blank 3 (Order of Operations)
  • Puzzles – Chain Reaction, Balance Arithmetic, Balance 1, Balance 2
  • Multi-Digit Arithmetic – Addition (2-digit), Subtraction (2-digit), Multiplication (2-digit by 1-digit), Division (2-digit answer), Multiplication (2-digit by 2-digit), Multi-Digit Division
  • Fractions – Fractions of Measurements, Fractions of Measurements 2, Adding Fractions Subtracting, Fractions Adding Fractions: Fill in the Blank, Multiplication: Fractions 1, Multiplication: Fractions 2, Division: Fractions 1, Division: Fractions 2, Division: Fractions 3
  • Decimals – Addition (Decimals), Subtraction (Decimals), Multiplication 2 (Example Problem: 3.5*8), Multiplication 3 (Example Problem: 0.3*80), Division (Decimals), Division (Decimals 2)
  • Negative Numbers – Addition: Negative Numbers, Subtraction: Negative Numbers, Multiplication: Negative Numbers, Division: Negative Numbers
  • Order of Operations – Order of Operations 1
  • Number Balance – Basic Balance 1, Basic Balance 2, Basic Balance 3, Basic Balance 4, Basic Balance 5
  • Percentages – Percentages 1, Percentages 2

MathPapa Premium Pricing and Terms

You can opt for MathPapa’s premium pricing to access the full functions of this amazing tool. The premium plan costs $9.99 per month or you can get a 50% discount on a yearly subscription. The premium plan includes no ads and all the Algebra Practices, Lessons and Algebra calculator without any limitations.

With Premium plan, you will get the instant step-by-step solution, video explanation, uninterrupted access to endless practice problems, and premium algebra lesson content within a short span of time.

Final Words:

MathPapa is really an amazing tool as well as a mobile app that can solve the algebra problems with a simple guide for better understanding.

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