Best Practices For Mobile UX Design for 2021

mobile UX design

With more than half of the world’s Internet traffic originates from mobile devices, mobile UX can be rightly called the driver a third screen revolution. In fact, the average user has at least two to three frequently used mobile devices. That makes mobile UX design a matter of existence for developers. UX designing for mobiles … Read more

Top 3 Strategy Games to Try in 2021

Strategy Games

Strategy games are all-time favourites among old-school gamers – and they are building quite a following across newcomers, too. 2021 looks to be a great year for the genre, with many new releases piling up, and quite a few older games to look forward to discovering again. Here are our top picks for strategy games … Read more

How can students use writing apps to finish assignments faster

writing apps

Have college writing assignments lost their edge? Three papers due at once? Nothing fantastic –  students call this ‘Tuesday.’ Everyone knows that students write the equivalent of a book every semester. That considered, college writing has become less painful than it had been in the past. The college app ecosystem is continuously evolving. Students have … Read more

How to Get Online Help for Microsoft MCSA 70-743 Windows Server 2016 Certification Exam?

Microsoft MCSA 70-743 Windows

Microsoft in its quest to popularize software technology among all – small, medium and large scale industry is striving to make it better for all. Whether you’re at job role at an organization or looking for employment in selected areas of software, or willing to reach the next level in the hierarchy, Microsoft’s courses are … Read more

5 Ways Big Data is Transforming the Online Casino Industry

Online Casino

The online gambling industry has been experiencing rapid growth and development since Microgaming was released in the early 1990s. Big data is playing a huge impact on the online gambling sector. Casino operators and players from different parts of the world now enjoy endless benefits from this development. Stakeholders worldwide keep investing in the industry … Read more

5 Tips for Successful Forex Trading Secrets

Forex Trading Secrets

While what you’ve read online is useful, most of it might not help you become a successful trader. To succeed in forex trading, you need to gain a deep understanding and discover the secrets no one is revealing to you. But in this article, we’ll breakdown five forex trading secrets and tips that an invested FXtrading … Read more

5 Tips to Choosing the Best Virtual Reality Headset

Retailers sold 22 million Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) headsets in 2017 according to CCS Insight. CCS Insight expects this figure to rise to 121 million by 2022. VR headsets will account for 92.3 million of these sales. Interestingly, consumers will have a hard time selecting a particular VR headset because hundreds of … Read more

Is Virtualization Better on Private or Public Cloud?

Private or Public Cloud

Virtualization is the splitting up of physical hardware (by software) into different virtual machines to create flexible networks, wherein the virtual machines are assigned CPU and memory resources depending on what they need. This results in better storage handling and data processing. Virtualization, though, does not equate to the cloud. It is possible to implement … Read more