Electronic Benefits Transfer which is popularly known as EBT is a method which is used to deliver benefits by the DFA (Division of Family Assistance). The accounts that have been set up for the food and cash assistance programs, automatically get the benefits. There is a debit card called EBT card from which you can access all your benefits at ATMs and at participating quest retail.

EBTedge, on the other hand, is a portal for the customer service where you can create the account, log in with your credentials and access all your benefits as well as keep a track for all the transactions. EBTedge is the one-stop destination to the EBT card holders to access and track all the benefits they are getting from the EBT cards. EBTedge, in a nutshell, is a center from where you can access all your account information and it is also like customer service. You can keep track of all your benefits at www.ebtedge.com. If for some reason, their website doesn’t work, you can call the 24-hour EBT customer service center at (888) 997-9777 to seek assistance and all your account related queries will be answered.

  How to apply for EBT card


According to Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program which is popularly known as SNAP, if your monthly or annual gross income is less than or equal to the amount fixed by the government of the USA, you are eligible for the SNAP benefits. SNAP benefits can be used to purchase food from grocery stores, convenience stores, and some other government-funded stores. SNAP benefits ensure that every citizen who is not able to afford food gets quality food with SNAP benefits. If you are eligible for the SNAP benefits, you will be given an EBT card. You don’t need to apply for the EBT card separately just like an account in the bank qualifies you for using its debit card. Earlier there used to be paper coupons which have now been replaced with the EBT cards. Just keep the EBT card in your wallet just like your debit cards and you can access all your benefits from it in the corresponding stores.

EBTedge Portal

As discussed, the EBTedge portal is a centralized place which gives you all the information regarding your account. You, as a cardholder have several benefits and all of them can be tracked in this portal. There are various logins provided in the portal for different positions you hold. For example, a cardholder will have a different login than the Agency Login. Since EBT is a vast service and many people and agencies are actively involved in processing the services as well as accessing the data hence different logins are provided to every entity to avoid confusions.

Card Holder Login

If you are a receiver of the SNAP benefits, you will be issued an EBT card which will act as a debit card for food and cash benefits you get under SNAP. There is a card number at the back of your EBT card which acts your username and the password is the 4 digit pin you get with the card which is confidential. Below are the steps to login and use the EBT portal.

Step #1: Open www.ebtedge.com on your web browser.

 Step #2: Go to the first option on the left and click on “Cardholder Login”

Step #3: Enter your 16 digit card number printed on the back of your EBT card and click on Login.

Step #4: Enter the 4 digit pin you have received with the card and click on ‘Continue’

Step #5: If your card number and the pin both are correct, you will be logged in to your EBT portal.

Step #6: If you are not able to login with your card number and pin, you can contact the customer care for further assistance.

In case of theft of your card or, if your card has been blocked for any reason, you can call the customer care for the assistance and they will make sure to resolve all your queries.

When you are logged, you will be able to see your balance, and also you will know about the future benefits payments that will come in near time. Make sure to login into this portal frequently so that you can keep a check your balances and are abreast of all the benefits you are getting from the government.

The sole purpose of the EBTedge website is to help you out in making sure that you know what your benefits are and you are spending your cash and food benefits with a check so that they are sufficient enough for you to spend your livelihood. The website also lets you know where can you spend your benefits by letting you know about the partner stores where the EBT cards are accepted. When you have access to the EBTedge portal and you keep a check on everything from your benefits to the fund’s balance, you are always assured that your funds and benefits are not being used by anyone else except you. There might be some forgery as well with your card in which somebody else might use your card on behalf of you if they know your pin number for availing the benefits and if you regularly log in to your portal, you can keep a check on all the transactions.

Login Troubles

If you have trouble logging in to your portal and if you think that you are not able to login in spite of filling the correct credentials, you can click on “Trouble logging in? Click here for assistance” and a screen will pop up showing you a different number for different states where you can call and seek assistance.

Other Logins

Apart from the cardholder login, there are various logins available for other people to access their portal. The other login available is Agency Login, Merchant Login, Provider Login, Partner Login, and User Admin Login. Each login is different for a different person and being a holder of the EBT card, you must not worry about those logins and concentrate on the CardHolder login only.


This is a detailed guide of logging in and using EBTedge. You can follow all the instructions and you will be able to use it efficiently.

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