How Do You Check Windows 10 Is Original or Pirated?

Windows is the most common operating system for desktops. Microsoft has been ruling the world of personal computers from Windows 1 to Windows 10. However, holding the top spot does not come without a cost. Since this is the most common operating system, Windows is also the most pirated one as there is a huge demand for it. Windows 10 is the latest OS to be released by Microsoft and its user base is just growing. A basic Windows 10 home edition license will set you back $119, so many people turn to pirated versions.

Windows 10 Is Original or Pirated?

How to check if your Windows 10 is genuine or pirated

There are many ways by which you can check if your Windows 10 is genuine or not, the best methods are listed down

Using the settings app

  • Click on the Settings App on your start menu(It is the gear like widget)
  • Open the Update and Security settings in the Settings App
  • In the drop menu to your left click on “Activation”
  • Once you have clicked on the “Activation” key you will be able to see the activation status of your Windows 10

If your Windows is not genuine you might see a line on the bottom of the open settings app that states that it is not genuine, if this statement is not there the system is most probably genuine. For more details check out our source here.

Using the control panel

  • Open the control panel from the start menu
  • Open System & Security and then click on system
  • This section will give you all the details of your PC, scroll down until you see the section on Windows Activation
  • This section will have a line that will state whether your windows is activated or not

Using command prompt

This is usually mostly done by advanced users but even basic users can do it

  • Open the run dialog in your Windows 10 by either searching for it in the search bar by clicking the Windows key and R key together and then type cmd into the open run dialog to open the command prompt, or you could just open the command prompt directly by holding the Windows key and X key together.
  • Type “slmgr/xpr” into it and press enter
  • Once you have pressed enter the computer will display a window that will show your Windows activation status.

Where might I have gotten a pirated windows from?

You could get a pirated version of Windows 10 from many of the pirating sites online, if you are being offered Windows 10 for no cost at all, then it is a pirated version. You might also get pirated version when you visit local shops to install windows and they install it at prices much lower than the cost of an original Windows 10, these people operating these local shops download these pirated Windows 10 for no cost at all and install them into your computer while providing no warranty or guarantees.

How pirated Windows 10 might appear to be genuine?

Many pirated versions of Windows 10 are activated during the initial installation.  If you try to check the computer it will show that the windows are activated and genuine. Only after you have connected it to the internet and Microsoft servers try to authenticate the Windows. After this point, your PC will start displaying warnings that you are using a pirated version and will ask you to authenticate the Windows manually. Thus the safest way to ensure that you are purchasing a genuine Windows 10 is to either download it from their official website or getting it installed by a certified installer.

What are the differences between a genuine Windows 10 and a pirated Windows 10?

Windows 10 pirated versions don’t feel much different from the genuine one during initial setup and usage. They have the same look, feel and features and you would be feeling smart about yourself for saving money. However, the truth is that both of them are vastly different

 A pirated Windows 10 usually comes bloated with malwares like viruses and ransomware. These malwares are not noticeable for the ordinary user and they will start using without any suspicions. These malwares will start modifying your time files and settings over time. The more important issue is that once you connect your PC to the internet these malwares will start uploading your files and personal data to possible hackers. These people will gain access to your private data and might be able to use this to cause identity theft or demand ransom from you for the data. This places you in a very dangerous place.

 A genuine Windows 10 receives constant safety updates and features that ensure that you can access things safely and get the latest features. A pirated version, on the other hand, might not receive updates and you might open yourself up to the latest versions of viruses. Pirated Windows 10 also tend to get slower as you use it over time, while the original version tends to maintain optimum speeds for longer periods of time. A computer running a pirated version of Windows 10 will eventually get very slow and unusable that you have no choice but to reinstall windows.

How can I activate my Windows 10 or get a genuine version?

You can get the original Windows 10 from the official Microsoft website or some authorized dealerships. You can also activate your pirated Windows by purchasing original keys online on Amazon or Microsoft store. Once your pirated Windows 10 gets activated you will be able to receive all the updates as your PC will get a genuine Windows 10 OS. Ensure that once you have gotten a genuine Windows 10, you back your OS to a separate pen drive or disk so that you can reinstall the genuine Windows 10 at no extra cost should your PC get corrupted.

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