Video_tdr_failure (nvlddmkm.sys) error on Windows 10 | Fixed| 2021

You might be seeing an error in the blue screen saying “video_tdr_failure nvlddmkm.sys”. Some of the Windows 10 users with NVIDIA graphics are facing this error as a problem. But no need to worry since in this post we have brought you several guides to fix this error. We have given 4 methods to solve this error on your Windows 10 system. Before proceeding further we must know what it really is?

What is video_tdr_failure? Nvlddmkm.sys error

Here, TDR means Timeout, Detection, and Recovery tools in Windows. It does help to stop BSODs by resetting the GPU or to reset drivers when there is an issue. If the problem occurs very often then you shall see a blue screen with the message of nvlddmkm.sys.

How do fix the video_tdr_failure nvlddmkm.sys error?

We have given you the four methods to solve this error on your Windows PC.

  1. Clean and Re-install NVIDIA graphics driver

Sometimes the reason behind Video_TDR_failure could the corrupted graphics card driver. You can fix nvlddmkm.sys by reinstalling NVIDIA graphics driver.

  • Download and install Driver Uninstaller, run it once the installation is completed.
  • In “Launch option” you can choose Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking and Normal and then click on Launch.
  • Select <Clean & Restart>
  • Your Windows Computer shall restart automatically once uninstallation competed.
  • Now Press Windows Logo from keyboard + X simultaneously and then select Device Manager.
  • Tap on Action and Scan for hardware changed in the submenu.
  • Now your Windows 10 shall check for the availability of display driver update and update automatically.
  1. Update your NVIDIA Graphics Driver

Sometimes obsolete graphics drivers can be the reason of the video_tdr_failure error. If the methods of reinstalling Nvidia graphics card drivers do not solve the nvlddmkm.sys error then the reason could be you are using wrong drivers. You have to get the right drivers for your graphics card.

  • Manually Update – You may update the drivers manually by getting to the manufacturer’s website, Nividia. Before installing it, ensure you have chosen the version compatible with Windows 10.
  • Automatic Update – If you do not want to get into this fussy process then you can select the automatic update for the NVIDIA graphic card. On your Windows PC navigate to drivers and from settings select Check for updates. And your latest update will be downloaded. You can also select the “Automatic Update” so you don’t have to worry next time.
  1. Check Drivers or Program Conflict
  • If you have installed some new drivers or any programs on your Windows then remove them and upgrade them to the newest version.
  • It has been noted that NVIDIA drivers have a conflict with Logitech webcam so this error could have aroused. So you have to uninstall the drivers of the external camera to check whether it helps to fix this problem or not.
  1. Troubleshoot chkdsk and memtest

The video_tdr_failure nvlddmkm.sys problem can also be caused by the corrupted hard disk or RAM. So you need to check whether your hard drive and RAM are working fine.

  • Run Disk Check

1) Press Windows key + X and select Command Prompt. Click on YES if prompted.

2) In the next window enter chkdsk /f c: and then hit Enter. If Windows is stored in the different disk on your PC then select that disk instead of C.

Now type Y and restart your computer to start the disk checking.

  • Run Memory test

This troubleshooting is done to whether RAM is performing well or not.

1) Press Windows key + R simultaneously to open Run command. Type in the box mdsched.exe and hit the Enter key.

2) Select “restart now and check for problems” to check the status of your RAM.

Select “Check for problems the next time I start my computer” if you don’t want to run this test at that time

3) When you do, you shall see the windows check run on memory

If you don’t find any error reported by this troubleshoots then your RAM is not causing any problems.

Final Words:

Any of the methods given above in the article will definitely solve the error of video_tdr_failure nvlddmkm.sys. Before heading to these methods you should also check by yourself that, your Windows 10 system is up to date or not.

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