Why you should be using a VPN


If you’ve used the internet recently, you’ll probably have come across an ad for a personal VPN. For those unaware of what a VPN is, a VPN is a Virtual Private Network; it’s a service that protects your privacy by creating an encrypted tunnel to your target site for your data to be transmitted over. … Read more

How can a VPN help an Apple user?

VPN help an Apple user

A VPN, today, is a very necessary tool for protecting yourself from outside attacks, such as malware, spyware or any kind of malicious code programmed to rob or kill your system. It’s true, Apple is less attacked in comparison with, for example, a Windows PC; but you should notice that today, a major quantity of … Read more

What is a VPN? And why you need one when you travel

urban VPN

Basically, a VPN is your own custom, private, and secure connection to the internet.  To be more precise, a virtual private network or more commonly known as a VPN offers you the ability to extend a private network across another public network and enables its users to send and receive data across shared or public … Read more

Why Should You Use a VPN on Public Wi-Fi Networks?


Public Wi-Fi is incredibly convenient and can be found just about everywhere – from coffee shops and airports to restaurants and hotels. These networks allow you to stay online on the go and are mostly free to use, making them a great alternative to mobile data.  However, did you know that using public Wi-Fi exposes … Read more