Why you should be using a VPN

If you’ve used the internet recently, you’ll probably have come across an ad for a personal VPN. For those unaware of what a VPN is, a VPN is a Virtual Private Network; it’s a service that protects your privacy by creating an encrypted tunnel to your target site for your data to be transmitted over. More and more people have been using VPNs as it’s a quick and easy way to increase your internet security, protect your data, and access content in other countries that may not be available to you. If you need a little convincing, here’s why you should be using a VPN.

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Protect Data From Your ISP

Whenever you’re connected to your home WiFi, your data isn’t just being monitored by the sites you connect to; your ISP is also monitoring it. They have access to all your internet data, including the sites you visit and when you visited them. This data can then be sold to advertisers, something that is already happening, particularly in the United States. The worst part is that even if you’re using your chosen web browser’s “private browsing” function, your ISP can still see your data! A VPN can help obscure your activity from your ISP, making it harder for them to track you.

Protection on Public WiFi

If ISPs selling your internet data wasn’t bad enough, you’re not even safe on public WiFi. On these open networks, you’re trading security for convenience, as anyone can connect to the same network and potentially track your online activity or even access the data on your device. These networks can have tens or even hundreds of people connecting simultaneously. Do you trust that none of them would want to steal your data? When you use a VPN, you can stop anyone on that network from accessing your communications, thanks to the VPN’s encrypted tunneling technology. If you’re a frequent user of coffee shop WiFi connections, a VPN is a must.

Access To Content

One of the main reasons people use a VPN is to access content that’s only available in other countries. When you use a VPN, you can set it to make it look like your device is in another country, meaning you get access to things that would typically only be available in that country. The most common usage of this is to get access to different shows and movies on streaming sites such as Netflix, but another widespread use is accessing online casinos. Specifically, some Asian countries don’t allow their citizens to access these sites, so for those people, a VPN is essential if they want to play. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to access the immersive live dealer rooms or varied slot selection these sites offer. However, when choosing a site, getting the lowdown on what you can expect from it is really important, as you want to know whether or not the site is any good before you risk your own money there. This is why there are lots of helpful online reviews that give you information on important things, like site software, banking methods, bonuses, and much more. Whichever platform you choose to play on, a VPN can help give you access to it as well as protect your privacy.

Secure Remote Working

If you frequently work from home, your company may already have a dedicated VPN setup for you to connect to your office’s network and access files saved on their servers. However, if you’re required to install your own version of Office to your laptop and work with files saved locally to your machine, you could be putting your company’s data at risk if you don’t use a VPN. If you browse the internet without additional security measures, malicious third parties could access the data saved on your laptop, potentially leaking important company information. Even if you’re accessing data on cloud platforms such as Office 365 or Google Drive, you’re leaving yourself open to hackers accessing the data on your connection. Using a VPN ensures you have a secure, encrypted connection to any site you access, meaning that hackers cannot access your sensitive data.

Plenty of VPN providers give you a fast, affordable, and (most importantly) secure way to browse the internet. Companies like Surfshark, Express VPN and NordVPN have made themselves household names by offering excellent VPN services to their customers. If you don’t want to pay for one, there are lots of free providers out there that offer great products, so there’s no reason not to use one.

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