Do you love horror movies and looking forward to something out-of-the-ordinary? Get ready for the ultra-gory slasher, Terrifier 2 that will definitely scare the hell out of you. The sequel welcomes back David Howard Thronton as demonic killer Art the Clown to establish his horrifying territory once again.

The theatrical release of the movie is already unleashed on 6th October 2022 and the storyline picks up where the first sequel left off. Written, produced, and directed by the famous Damien leone, Terrifier 2 is the third feature film appearance for the antagonist, Art the Clown.

Since the movie has already been released in theaters, fans are now waiting for its launch on the Genre streaming platform, Screambox. It has collaborated with Bloody Disgusting, a famous horror media brand to take possession of all North American rights to the completed horror movie, Terrifier 2.

So, if you are one of those individuals, waiting for the Terrier 2 to get released on Screambox, then you have landed at the most appropriate page to resolve your query. We have generated a complete guide on Terrifier 2 and when it’ll be going to launch on the Screambox. So, what keeps you waiting? Scroll down the page to the end and find everything about this horror movie.

When will Terrifier 2 be Released on Screambox?

Well, honestly speaking, there’s no specific date for the launch of Terrifier 2 yet revealed by the makers. The movie is set to release exclusively in theaters for now but eventually, it will be available to stream on Screambox, when the movie begins to wrap up its theatrical presence.

It often happens after one or two months after the theatrical launch of the film. Since no official information is yet leaked by the makers, we can just predict its launch around November end or December. We will update the exact Screambox release date and time as soon we get any information about the same. Till then, readers can enjoy the cast, reviews, and storyline of the movie in this post.

What about the star cast of Terrifier 2 Movie?

So, are you excited about the star cast of Terrifier 2? Indeed, you should be as it features some of the best names in the industry who make the movie worth watching. It introduced Lauren LaVera as Sienna.

In addition, Samantha Scaffidi is also returning in her character Victoria Heyes. Apart from these two leads, Felissa Rose, also known as a Horror Staple, is also going to make an appearance. Newcomer, Elliot Fullman is going to play Jonathan, Sienna’s little brother. Other returning cast members include the two police officers and Exterminator, which is played by Micahel Levy.

The movie was created by Dark Age Cinema on Lens Production and features an authentic score by Rostislav Vaynshtok and Paul Wiley. You will be glad to know that the movie, Terrifier 2, marks the fifth on-screen appearance of Art the Clown, and this thing further makes the movie interesting and worth giving a thought.

Unlike other horror movies, Terrifier 2 is produced by tons of producers and execute producers, including Phil Falcone, Jason Levy, Michael Leavy, Cairo Ben Amen II, Joshua Anderson, Thomas Smith, and many more to count.

The deal with Screambox is negotiated by Brandon Hill and Priscilla Ross Smith on the behalf of Screambox and Bloody Disgusting respectively.

What is the storyline of Terrifier 2?

Speaking of the storyline, the movie will start exactly from the point where it left off i.e. with Samantha reprising her role as the most disfigured Victoria. However, she’ll not be the main protagonist for Terrifier 2 as the role is now taken over by Lauren LaVera who will be playing Sienna Shaw, and her younger brother Jonathan, which is played by Elliott Fullam.

The story kicks off Halloween night and they somehow survive the night after Art the Clown begins to stalk them. How these two young kids manage the horror and how they make new plans and strategies to get rid of the stalker make the entire plot. Undoubtedly, the storyline as well as its stunning graphics will scare the most out of you while keeping you glued to the screens for hours on end.

Since the movie is already in the theater, there’s no need to learn every single tidbit of the plot here, just go and experience the terror of the Art the Clown, and do let us know what you feel in the comment section below.

Will there be Terrifier 3?

Well, those who are curious to know whether filmmaker, Damien Leone will opt for the third installment of the Terrifier franchise, then let us spill the beans here. The writer, director, and producer of the movie himself confirmed his plans to make the next sequel of the movie, alongside David Howard Thornton reprising his role of Art the Clown.

He also reveals some of his plans to have other installments that will further reflect Art’s background and objectives to justify further sequels in the future. So, fasten your seatbelts as this franchise is here to stay for a long while. It has launched to become a brand and not just a fad.


That’s all about it!! We hope our guide will help you understand everything about the movie and its launch on the Screambox. So, what keeps you waiting for now? It has already launched in theaters on 6th October 2022; hence, make sure to get your tickets done now and enjoy this perfectly-created horror movie.

The movie will soon launch on Screambox as well to facilitate those viewers who don’t have enough time to visit theaters or wish to stream the film right from their comfort zone. However, the release date and time for Terrifier 2 on Screambox are not yet known, thus we have to wait for a while until we get any official information about the same.

Feel free to share your queries with us and stay tuned for more such updates.

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