Sankaku Complex: The Best Website for Anime Lovers

What is Sankaku Complex?

Anime fans all around the world have several community-based websites where they can discuss, review, and make a list of their recommendations about anime, manga, and several related topics regarding anime culture. AnilistMyAnimelistAnimeDao, and several others are websites that provide a platform to anime fans to discuss their opinions and reviews with other anime fans across the world. Sankaku Complex is a similar website to the ones we mentioned above. But what differentiates Sankaku Complex from other anime news websites is that it provides highly NSFW content. Sankaku Complex is really a great place for anime lovers as it has several forums and discussion sections for Manga, Anime, Hentai, Doujinshi (Japanese-made), and fan-made manga series & games. Another thing special about Sankaku Complex is that other all these anime discussions, users can discuss on various other things from political, cultural, and social issues in South and East Asia to discussing new anime titles and Chinese anime. So we can say that Sankaku Complex is a website where users can discuss various topics in general.

Sankaku Complex

Sankaku Complex is a website focusing on the Otaku culture, we can say. This Japanese is always criticized for displaying sexual content containing images, videos, and its anti-China attitude in every political issue. Well, some support it and some have opposite opinions and point if discussion so this has led to divided opinions among users. On the homepage of the site, NSFW content is displayed openly but users can choose to filter them from the bottom of the page. 

What Sankaku Complex has to offer?

As we mentioned earlier, Sankaku Complex is a website dedicated to the forums and discussions about Anime, Manga, Hentai and several other topics related to the modern Otaku culture. But other than all these, the site also provides interesting news articles such related to modern culture and sometimes of popular TV Series and movies in the world regardless of their origin country. 

So it’s not that Sankaku Complex has nothing but only Anime and manga posts. The site has a really user-friendly interface and users can sign up to get recommended posts according to their interest. Users can get to know about all the latest discussions and news of present popular things such as cosplay, games, and everything. 

Categories on Sankaku Complex Site

Well, in the forum of the site users can discuss everything and every topic they want but the site has some dedicated categories where readers can find the latest post about them. Here are the main categories that this site has to offer.

Anime – This category of the site contains anime, OVA, OAD, “hentai” or ero-anime, cosplay, seiyuu and general animation related material. Users interested in these things can find all the posts in this category. 

Manga – Manga section of Sankaku Complex includes manga, “hentai” or ero-manga, art, doujinshi, light novels, American comics, and similar artistic works.

Games – Here, users can find a post regarding games and news about gaming culture.

Forum – Here, users can discuss anything with other users plus they can send support to the website developers and give feedback about the site.

Sankaku Complex App

The app of the Sankaku Complex is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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Important to note: The site contains highly NSFW content on the site so users have to use it with their discretion. The hentai ads on the site also contain some adult content. 

So if you want to be updated with Japanese as well as Chinese anime, manga, engage in discussions, and all other related things then, Sankaku complex can really be your favorite anime website.

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