How to Find the Unwanted Calls Number Information

A telephone is supposed to make it easier to communicate with others. But there are some people that opt to abuse this amazing device to reap where they didn’t sow. In fact, there are many cases of spam calls that are reported every day. In a nutshell, these calls are made by individuals or entities that are not familiar to you. The worst is that these culprits have found a way of covering their tracks when making such calls. They normally hide their number when making a call to avoid being tracked down by their victims. A majority of these culprits are identity thieves who use your personal details for fraudulent purposes. Fortunately, technology has helped to unmask their dirty tricks. Here is what you can do to get the details of all anonymous numbers that call your line.

Unwanted Calls

  1. Add Privacy Detection Feature

By default, your phone is set to allow all calls to come through even if they don’t display either the name or the number of the person that’s calling you. But scammers usually hide their names and numbers to avoid getting into trouble. When you see such calls, there is usually no way of identifying the caller. In such a case, you only have two options; answer or reject the call. Even if it’s the first time that someone is calling your line, you should be able to see their number. But if you don’t see any details, know that you are being stalked by a scammer.

The good thing is that you can beat them at their own game. For a start, you should activate a feature that requires all callers to unmask their numbers or names. To activate the feature simply dial *77 or *67. From there henceforth, every spammer will be prompted to reveal his or her identity to be able to get in touch with. And since the spammers are usually ambitious, they will definitely fall for your trap.

  1. Record All Suspicious Numbers

Once the call blocking feature is activated, your device will not be able to accept calls that are masked. After a couple of days, you should review your calls log history and record all the numbers that you are not familiar with. In fact, you should avoid answering them so that they can appear in your missed calls list. Since some callers can use fake names, it’s advisable you find a website that offers free phone number lookup service such as Though there are many sites that offer this service, some of them will ask you to pay a small fee to get the details that you want.

  1. Lookup the Phone Number

After landing on a website that provides phone number lookup service, you should enter the digits and tap the search button. This will make the website comb through its own directory of numbers and as well as the internet to find the details that are affiliated with the number that you have provided. The search will finally present results that indicate the names of the caller, address, location, occupation, and many other details. You should also find out whether the number has been shared by other people on the website. In fact, most websites keep updating their list of spammers on a regular basis. If it’s not yet on the list, you should report it as one so that it can be added immediately.

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