9 Best and Safe Rom Sites 2021 | Top 6 Safe sites to download ROMs for free

The technology is changing rapidly and so does our life. The millennial generation is the witness of the widely changing world of entertainment in the last three decades. We have seen from video games, floppy disk, CDs, VCR, DVDs, telephone to the latest game consoles, mobile games, Blu-Ray, and much more. All things apart, but still love and remember the time when we used to play Super Mario, Contra, Aladdin, Pokemon, and many similar games on the video games. Well, they are replaced with the latest games like PUBG, Fortnite, The Witcher, and many more. But do you know you can play all those retro and old classic games on your PC using best emulators and ROMs? So today we are going to tell you some of the top and safe ROM sites.

Safe Rom Sites 2021

Everything can be found for free if you have an eagle eye but every free thing is not safe and you cannot know if it is safe or not. There are hundreds of sites to download free retro ROMs with emulators for your PC but only some of them provide you the safe ROMs that do not harm your computer or your system. Many sites popular and safe ROM sites have been shut down and that is all thanks to Nintendo. But there are several other sites that are surviving through all these blows and where you can download thousands of safe ROMs and emulators for your PC without any problem.

So here we are going to tell you some of the best safe rom sites of 2021 that ensures that you get the reliable emulators and game ROMs without the fear of malware or viruses. Many sites provide freeware and malware in the name of free safe ROMs. We assure you downloading ROMs and Emulators from these below-mentioned sites is really safe. Download ROMs from these safe Rom sites without ads.

Best and Safe ROM Sites 2021


The name of this site rhymes with the emulator. Gamulator is a popular and most trustable site on the internet to download games, emulators, and safe ROMs without charging any fee or showing annoying ads. If you are looking for safe Rom sites for 2021 then Gamulator should be first in your list. Here, users can download free games from their recommended list or also can find any old retro game through the search box. The site offers free and genuine ROMs and emulators for free download and no signup required


If you have searched on the internet for the best sites to download ROMs and Emulators then you must have found RomsMania on the list. The site has a massive collection of safe Roms and emulators for free download. If you don’t know what to do play then this site has a top ROM list and most recommended emulators to play. You just have to download ROMs and they can be played directly on your PC. Some may require Emulators and you can get them on this site as well. Download servers are fast, no registration required, and the latest ROMs are updated regularly so we would suggest using this one of the best safe ROM sites in 2021.

Emulator Zone

You may not found this website on several recommended articles on the best ROM sites for 2021. Emulator Zone is the best site to download emulators and games for your PC along with ROM of some classic games. It has a dedicated search box so you just have to type in the keywords and search for the ROM of the retro game that you want. You can also download free games from their fast download servers. You don’t need to sign up to download ROM so use this one of the best safe rom sites.

Rom Hustler

This safe rom site is also a top choice for users to download ROMs for free online. Just like Gamulator, you can download emulators, games for free, and safe ROM for your PC and mobile phones. This site has a loyal community and they vote to the various emulators and ROMs so other users can know which ROM is best and reliable to download. The site is well-organized so you can find the ROM according to the consoles and retro games. Your device remains safe from malware and viruses as Rom Hustler offers safe ROMs.


We might have placed this one of the safe Rom sites in the fourth place it deserved to be on the top. This site is believed to be a one-stop destination for all the gamers who want everything at the one site. You can get a huge collection of ROMs, video games, free games, ISOs, game soundtracks, and other game relating stuff. The ROMs on this site allow you to play games directly on the site and some ROMs need emulators that can be downloaded for your PC from EmuParadise. This site is hugely popular that there are several articles on the internet showing the best alternatives to Emuparadise.


This list is incomplete without CoolROM as it offers all kinds of ROMs for free download which are safe for your PC. The downloading process is quite simple and you can download any ROM or games or old consoles emulators without any hassle. The ROMs and other things downloaded from CoolROM can be used on PC, iOS, and Android phones. The site has thousands of ROMS of retro old classic games. You can also find the ROM of the particular console as well. If you don’t have any preference in your mind then you can find most rated and most downloaded ROMs from the site.

The Eye

The Eyes is also a free site that displays no ads and users can download ROMs for free. Along with ROMs, users can download other gamers’ stuff. According to the data on the site, it has ROMs of over 50 consoles including Nintendo, PS1, older video games, and initial Xbox. The interface of the site is easy to handle and you can find any game’s ROM through its search box.


ROMulation is a site that doesn’t require sign up or registration to download thousands of ROMs and Emulators for free. There are lots of free games on the site for free download. The download procedure is simple and all the ROMs are safe. The developers of the site regularly update ROMs, game soundtracks, ISOs, and much other stuff so you can get everything you want. All these reasons make ROMulation one of the best safe ROM sites for free downloads.


Another best site to download ROMs and the entry to safe ROM sites in 2021 is Retrostic. Users can download unlimited ROMs, emulators, and other stuff for all the consoles. The download servers are very fast and safe. Just like all other sites, you don’t need to sign up and it’s the source of safe ROMs without the threat of malware or viruses. It has a huge collection working ROMs among which some can be played directly and some may need emulators on your PC. You can try these ROMs and emulators on your mobile phone and PC. If you are looking for safe rom sites then this site must be on your list.

Final Words:

So these are some of the best and safe ROM sites you need to bookmark if you are looking for ROMs and emulators for your PC that don’t carry freeware or no threat for your PC. There are lots of other similar sites to download ROMs and emulators. If you know other sites where you can download safe Roms for free on the internet then let us and our other readers know in the comment box.

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