Pelispedia: 9 Best Alternatives to Pelispedia | 9 Mejores alternativas a Pelispedia

Streaming movies online on mobile phones has become very popular. Thanks to the fast internet connections. But users have to pay for premium services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus, and many more. There are many free streaming websites on the internet where you can watch thousands of movies and TV series for free in HD. Pelispedia is undoubtedly one of the best sites to watch popular films and TV shows in high quality for free.


Well, there are lots of similar sites like Pelispedia but they don’t offer the magical interface and the massive collection of movies and TV shows with Spanish subtitles and English subtitles. Plus, many alternatives to Pelisplus and Cuevana are not worth trying as they seem to have network problem and some even have low-quality servers that don’t offer fast streaming service. So, here we are going to tell about the top best alternatives to Pelispedia, Pelisplus, and Cuevana.

Here, we have mentioned some of the best movies streaming websites for Argentina and Spanish people as you will find movies and TV shows with their original language but with Spanish subtitles. Along with Spanish free movie streaming sites, we have also mentioned some of the top websites to watch movies and TV Shows as well.

What is Pelispedia and why it is popular?

After Cuevana, Pelispedia is perhaps the most popular free streaming online platform. Owned by a Uruguayan known only for his username “JAGR”, it has been more than 5 years since Pelispedia is created. This popular Spanish movie streaming site allows its users to stream movies and shows all around the world. It is estimated that the Pelispedia has about 40 million streams from millions of visitors per month. So it has become the best alternative to Cuevana among the Latin American region to watch movies and TV series for free.

The rise of Pelispedia was the result of two extremely important events: The fall of the first version of Cuevana, one of the most popular free streaming websites in Latin America in 2014 and the recently increased popularity and usages of online streaming services like Netflix in the United States and the other parts of the world.

In the initial era of online streaming, the Latin American market faced negligence as most of the streaming services were producing English movies and shows, while free streaming sites like 123movies, pubfilm, fmovies, iomovies, and many more were only providing movies with English subtitles. That’s when Pelispedia took over the place left by Cuevana to offer thousands of movies with Spanish subtitles for millions of Latin Americans so they can enjoy all the Hollywood hits with Spanish dubbed version or

But just like Cuevana, Pelispedia was also caught in the eyes of officials and Google so the owner of Pelispedia has to its domain extensions very often. Right now you can access Pelispedia at and you can all the movies and TV series with English and Spanish subtitles. More than 500,000 viewers visit this site monthly. Pelispedia has a really simple interface and a huge collection of movies which make this site a highly popular in the Latin American region of the US.

The Top 9 Alternatives to Pelispedia 2021 | Mejores 9 Alternativas a Pelispedia


Pelis24 became the most popular site to stream movies and series in HD among Latin Americans after the ban of The Pirate Bay and KickAss Torrents. The site is really simple to use. Pelis24 is the best alternative to Pelispedia and Cuevana for the Spanish market as the site is available in Spanish with Spanish subs. It also offers an option for Latin Spanish subtitles.

Pelis24 offers the platform to watch movies of more than 30 genres, including the genres of Terror, Action, Animation, Drama, Documentary and Sci-Fi and Fantasy have the conglomerate of films most watched by most users.


Gnula is another top Pelispedia alternative in 2021. It is one of the most popular platforms among movie fans, which has a vast catalog of more than 20,000 titles to watch in Spanish or Latin Spanish. Gnula offers unsurpassed quality, with a large majority of HD movies.

This site also provides excellent sound quality in all its movies. Action, Animated, Horror, and Comedy are just some of the genres that this websites to watch free movies has to offer. Users can also watch some of the best contemporary movies and the latest Hollywood releases.


Pepecine is another free movie website with a fairly good user experience, supported by stable and quality playback and it has a huge collection movie and series in HD for free streaming. Another aspect of value for the page is that advertising is not usually so intrusive. So, you can watch movies without ads and sign up.

Pepecine has original versions subtitled in both Spanish and Latin. In addition, some of the titles are downloadable directly to the computer. If you are looking for the latest Hollywood movies and English TV shows in Spanish or Latin Spanish subtitles then this is the perfect site for you. So Pepecine is one of the best similar sites like Cuevana, Pelisplus, and Pelispedia.


Dospelis may be on the bottom of this list of the alternatives of Pelispedia but it is beloved by most of the users than ones we have mentioned. Dospelis allows you to stream all the moves and series plus, you can download them with easy steps. You will find all the American movies and TV shows with Spanish subtitles. Some popular titles are also available in Spanish dubbed for free.

This Pelispedia alternative has a premiere section where you can find the most recent Hollywood titles and the latest episodes in its roster. Viewers can also find the film or TV shows according to the alphabet option or search any title directly from its search box. The massive collection of the site covers over 20 genres in movies and shows.

Other similar sites like Pelispedia 2021

  1. G2G Moviesse
  2. Solarmovie
  3. Pubfilm
  4. to

Final words:

These are the best 9 top sites like Pelispedia if you want to watch movies online. The first four sites are in the Spanish language and if you want the English sites then you should try the ones we have mentioned in the further list. If you know other sites then let us know in the comment section.

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