Anilinkz: The oldest free anime streaming site | Top 11 Anilinkz mirror links and alternatives

Anilinkz is the oldest free anime streaming site

Anilinkz: In 2007, anime streaming took the internet by storm. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act was not yet in place and many webmasters looking to cash in on the anime craze began crafting their own places on the web to watch anime videos. Newbies looking to start doling free anime to the world often started their ventures on Google’s blogger platform. Over the course of a few weeks, anime streaming sites had become a dime a dozen. 13 years later their numbers have grown by the hundreds as there are many free online streaming sites on the internet these days. However, among the first startup streamers, less than a handful have survived to this day. In this article, we are going to tell you about the oldest anime streaming website Anilinkz


It has managed to weather through Google’s many algorithm changes and has even successfully adapted against the Mountain View companies pirate algorithm updated. For those of you who don’t know what we are talking about then here’s the explanation. Google performed searches for keywords fed into its system according to mathematical and logical algorithms programmed by human engineers working for the search engine giant. These intuitive programs serve to automate the search function in order to give the best possible results for a given search. They operate under a set of rules codified in the algorithm. An algorithm change is to a webmaster Google’s weapon of mass destruction.

Why Anilinkz is not shown on Google?

When the Google bomb hits, it can devastate countless websites traffic, while simultaneously rewarding many others. Sites impacted negatively will often see their links in Google search the motive beyond the third page. While sites rewarded by the change will see their links ranking higher – being more visible. Typically, most users on the web do not navigate beyond the first three pages of search. Any site owner that wanted to see a lot of traffic should keep this in mind and work to appear on the first or even the second page of Google for relevant keywords.

In 2012 Google introduced its pirate algorithm. Its function was to simply automate the demotion of sites that received too many lengths takedown requests. Originally, they intended to combat torrenting sites and draw their traffic to legal sources for multimedia content. The code continued to evolve until it effectively reduced Google traffic going to unauthorized sources by 90%.

What is Anilinkz and where to access Anilinkz? Anilinkz Proxy and Mirror links

Anilinkz was born in 2007, amidst fierce competition against many similar websites. Anilinkz owned by a user known by multiple usernames is an adult male living in the Philippines. The Anilinkz stands as the oldest and still existing anime streaming web site in the world. It had its humble beginnings on blogposts Anilinkz. Despite being besieged by Google’s many algorithmic changes, it has survived over the years to stay as one of the most traffic anime streaming websites of all time.

In order to adapt, its admin would migrate the site to a different top-level domain, while keeping the same site content in structure. Each and every time Google demoted its links. Anilinkz’s latest move was to change its name altogether to So, access this domain if you don’t know how to access Anilinkz. If you type in, you will be forwarded to Users visiting the site will be treated with the sizeable repository of Japanese anime along with the occasional cartoon and over the course of almost 13 years; it has managed to amass a great amount of content.

Is Anilinkz down right now? Why can’t I access or find Anilinkz now?

No, Anilinkz is not down and you can still access the Anilinkz at the domain we have mentioned above. But you have to note that Google is not showing the Anilinkz site on its search results so either you have to access directly through its domain or if you are using Yahoo or other search engines then you will be aniwatcher at the top search results. So, don’t worry as you can still access Anilinkz just like old times.

What Anilinkz offers

Each episode contains multiple mirror links in case any of them fail. If there are no available sources that work a convenient report button is provided and it is located a little below the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. The first click anywhere on the page hosting video content will reward you with a pop-up ad that depending on your browser settings. So it will open an ad in either a new tab or a new window.

Earlier incarnations of this WordPress-coated site from years past had some very annoying ads but in recent months it has favoured a more minimalistic approach to content display. Looking at it now some of the ads featured on the site are quite racy but users want to watch some anime. Past incarnations of this site offered a tango box where visitors can interact with each other. Though, users needed to sign up with a valid email address in order to use this feature. Now you need to sign up at for an account in order to be able to comment on Anilinkz.

11 Best Alternatives to Anilinkz Alternatives | Top 11 Anilinkz alternatives

Without a doubt, Anilinkz is not only one of the best anime websites but THE BEST anime site on the internet since the beginning of free anime streaming services. But still, if you want to know some of the other websites where you can watch free anime series and anime movies in HD for free.

  1. Chia-anime
  2. GoGoAnime
  3. Pubfilm
  4. AnimeDao
  5. Crunchyroll
  6. 9Anime
  7. Kissanime
  8. Justdubs
  9. Masterani
  10. Kisscartoon
  11. Kimcartoon

Final words:

Anilinkz or Aniwatcher, as it’s now called, is maintained by a team of volunteers that hunt for videos and embed them on the site. Anilinkz owner has successfully delegated everyday operations to a group of unpaid volunteers while he seemingly kicks back and relaxes. While anime streaming is popular, it remains to be seen how long free streaming websites will remain profitable. And, despite what the slower the giants of search do, it seems as if this one website will be around for a very long time. Or else, you can use these best similar sites like Anilinkz to free stream on your PC or mobile phone.

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