Perplexity Mobile App Review

Perplexity AI is an innovative artificial intelligence platform that provides instant, credible answers to user queries. It leverages powerful AI models like OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Anthropic’s Claude 3 Opus and Sonnet to deliver a smarter way to access knowledge and gain understanding.

The Perplexity AI platform is available both as a web application at and as mobile apps for iOS and Android. The mobile apps sync seamlessly across devices, allowing users to access Perplexity’s capabilities on the go.

What are the key features of the Perplexity mobile app?

The Perplexity mobile app offers several standout features:

Perplexity Copilot

This guided AI search capability enables deeper exploration of topics. The Copilot assists users in refining their queries to surface the most relevant information.

Multimodal input

Users can ask questions using either voice or text. This flexibility allows for instant, up-to-date answers whether you prefer to type out your query or simply say it aloud.

Threaded conversations

The app supports an ongoing dialog, allowing users to ask follow-up questions for a deeper understanding of the topic. This threaded format maintains the context of the conversation.

Trusted sources

To establish credibility, every answer provided by Perplexity cites the sources used to formulate the response. Users can easily verify the information and dive deeper into the references.

Community discovery

The Discover tab allows users to learn new things from the Perplexity community. You can explore interesting questions and answers on a wide range of topics.

Curated library

The app automatically saves your search history, but it goes a step further by curating your discoveries into a personalized library. This makes it easy to refer back to previous learnings.

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How Does the Perplexity Mobile App Differ from the Web Version?

While the core Perplexity AI capabilities are consistent across the mobile and web apps, there are a few key differences in the user experience:

The mobile apps are optimized for on-the-go access to Perplexity. They allow users to quickly ask questions and get answers from anywhere, without needing to navigate to the website on a mobile browser.

Some users have reported that the mobile app interface is more intuitive and responsive compared to the web version. The app is designed specifically for mobile interactions.

However, the web version on may be more suitable for complex research sessions that require a larger screen. Some users prefer the web interface for exploring Perplexity’s community discovery features.

The mobile apps also enable voice input, while the web version relies on text-based queries. For users who prefer to ask questions aloud, the mobile app may provide a better experience.

Is the Perplexity Pro Subscription worth it?

Perplexity offers a Pro subscription tier that unlocks additional features beyond the standard free access. Some users in the Perplexity Reddit community have debated the merits of subscribing.

Supporters of the Pro subscription appreciate the advanced capabilities like the recently launched API access. They also find that even with occasional glitches, Perplexity still outperforms alternatives in terms of its ability to surface and cite relevant information.

However, other users have argued that the free tier is sufficient for their needs. Some have reported issues with the mobile app’s syncing and stability that detract from the Pro experience. For these users, the web version provides a more reliable interface.

Ultimately, the decision to subscribe to Perplexity Pro depends on your specific use case and preferences. Power users who regularly rely on Perplexity for research and discovery may find the Pro features worthwhile. But casual users can still derive significant value from the free version of the platform. Perplexity Pro costs $20 but with Perplexity Pro referral link, you can get it at $10 for the first month.

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Perplexity AI has emerged as a powerful knowledge discovery platform, and its mobile apps bring that capability to users’ fingertips. With an intuitive interface, multimodal input options, and community-driven discovery features, the Perplexity mobile app is a compelling option for anyone seeking instant access to credible information.

While the Perplexity Pro subscription unlocks advanced functionality, the free version still offers immense value to users. As Perplexity continues to refine its platform and address technical issues, it has the potential to become an indispensable tool for knowledge seekers worldwide.

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