Why should you use Solarmovie to watch movies? Best Alternatives to Solarmovie

The rise of online streaming and need of Solarmovie

Streaming culture is developing highly among all the people since the beginning of this decade. The company like Netflix which was once bankrupt and at that time of selling and renting movie DVDs & CDs. Those were the days of Blockbuster. Even according to some reports the owner of Blockbuster used to make fun of Netflix in the business but right now after the rise of its online streaming service, Netflix is one of the most valued online streaming services in the market. There are several other services in the market which are investing billions in producing their own content, such as Apple TV+, Disney+, Amazon Prime, HBO, Hulu, and many more but one needs to keep in mind that they are all paid service and one has to pay monthly subscription fee to enjoy their benefits. Plus, they don’t share contents so you have to opt for all the services if you want to unlimited door to the entertainment. But there are several free online streaming services that let’s stream all the movies and TV shows for free. Solarmovie is one of the best websites to watch online movies in HD for free.


Why choose Solarmovie as your online streaming site?

You may think there are hundreds of sites like solarmovie on the internet then why should choose solarmovie. Well, there are several reasons that may tend you towards this amazing streaming platform where you can watch all the popular TV shows and movies for free in HD. Here are some of the reasons to go for Solarmovie to enjoy free streaming of HD movies and shows.

Solarmovie is free and needs no registration

The first reason to choose solarmovie as your favorite free streaming site is that it is cheap and users do not have to go sign up or register an account for free. So you can watch its massive collection just after opening the site.

Massive collection of movies and TV shows

You will find all the movies and TV shows on this site. If you are a fan of old classic movies or modern lover stories or action, you shall find all of them here. If you want to watch the latest episodes of all the popular TV shows regardless of their genre, everything is available here for free.

Solarmovie is not banned

Well, you may find various clones, solarmovie proxies, and similar websites on the internet once you have entered its name on Google but it is not blocked. As solarmovie does not host files on its own servers it is inevitable to block.

Multiple servers for free streaming

Unlike alternative sites like solarmovie, this site offers multiple servers. This is very beneficial as if one server fails to play the video then the next best server will be available for the user.

Fewer ads

Well, advertisements are the only source of income for Solarmovie so it shows a few ad pop-ups when you click on the play button. But the ads on solarmovie are really less than comparing to other similar websites.

So these are the reasons to use solarmovie as your primary website to stream TV shows and movies for free on the internet. But as human beings, we always ask for more when it is free. So if you want to explore more then you can go for the best sites like solarmovie. Here, we have made the list of best solarmovie alternatives and similar websites.

5 Top best alternatives websites to Solarmovie


Fmovies is one of the best websites to watch movies online for free along with all the popular TV series seasons. If you have checked similar articles on our site you might have noticed that Fmovies is always on the top in our list. There is no risk of block or ban for this site. I, personally, use this site for like three years and this site seems very easy to use and no unnecessary ads. It has all the latest movies and Television series. So if you want the best alternative to solarmovie then fmovies is the best site.


MovieNinja could be the best similar site like solarmovie as it has a massive collection of movies and TV shows in high quality where users can also change the resolution of the video if they are watching it on the mobile network or Wi-Fi. All the content is well-categorized so you can find movies and shows according to year, A-Z, and by genre. If you don’t know what to watch then you can find the rending movies of the week on the site’s homepage. If you are familiar with iomovies then you will find the same UI on this site as well.


Some of the features of 123movies that make this site the best destination for movie lovers are no signup or registration needed, Google-like powerful search engine to find any movie on the site, and high-quality TV shows and movies. Just like solarmovie if you don’t find any show or movie on this site then you can request the developers to make it available on the site in HD.


Pubfilm is new in the market but it is very distinctive from all other similar sites. It is the best alternative site to solarmovie if you want everything on the one site. Along with movies and TV shows, pubfilm also hosts all the anime shows and movies. So if you are a fan of Japanese anime and also want to watch movies and TV shows for free online then you should give this site a try.


IOmovies and MovieNinja are sister site but they have their own content in distinctive of the offering. The UI of both sites is quite similar but content presentation and servers are the things that make them vary from each other. Users can try both the sites but if you love solarmovie then you are definitely going to love this site to calm your quest for high-quality movies and shows. The collection of shows and movies on the site is huge but they can be found easily as well and another thing is that the streaming servers of these sites are reliable.

Final words:

Why pay for all these expensive online streaming when you can get the best free alternatives to Netflix here. If you haven’t used solarmovie then we recommend you to try once and you will definitely like HD content there. But in case, if you want to explore then give a shot to one of these solarmovie alternatives.

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