Parcel Tracking Technology – How Does it Work?

These days, when you send a parcel, you aren’t left wondering when it’s going to arrive. Parcel tracking has taken the guesswork out of delivery, allowing you to see exactly where the parcel is at any given time.

Have you ever wondered how this clever tracking service actually works? Here, we’ll look at how parcel tracking technology allows us to see where the parcel is, where it’s been and when it’s likely to arrive.

Parcel Tracking Technology

It all starts with a barcode

Barcodes are extremely important within the parcel tracking process. Each parcel is given a barcode, which can then be scanned at various points in transit. Barcode scanners are used to scan the barcode, updating information relating to the delivery.

It’s worth noting that there are different types of tracking services available these days. However, all of them have barcode scanning at the heart of their service.

The different types of tracking

Different couriers and suppliers use a variety of tracking types. The most basic involves scanning the barcode at each stop in the parcel’s delivery route. This basically tells the customer where the customer is and where it has been. However, it doesn’t tend to provide any other details, such as when the parcel will arrive and exactly where it is now.

More advanced tracking services require advanced technologies, which automatically include details of where the parcel is now. Real-time tracking has become particularly popular, allowing you to see exactly where your parcel is via GPS technology. You can also find tracking services that enable you to receive notifications with specific time slots. So, you’ll be sent a text, for example, providing you with a one-hour delivery window.

Tracking services continue to become smarter as technology advances. Before booking a tracking service, it’s worth looking into the type you’ll be receiving.

Booking a tracking service

Booking a tracking service is easy. If you’re a consumer, it will already be taken care of by the company you’re buying from. If you’re a business, on the other hand, you can find the best parcel tracking services through companies such as Parcel2Go. This compares the options and presents you with quotes from the leading UK couriers.

Overall, parcel tracking is an impressive feature all businesses should provide to their customers. The above is just a brief overview of how the technology works and how you can book a tracking service for your customers.

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