Top 9 Similar Sites Like KickassTorrents | Top KickassTorrents Alternatives 2021

Downloading movies from the internet will never go out of trend even after the huge popularity of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO max, Apple TV+, and many others. There are many free streaming sites on the internet but when you want to watch a movie offline then it is best to download them. Torrent sites are popular to download movies, TV shows, software, and many other files. KickassTorrents was one of the top torrent sites a few years back but after its owner was arrested, the site has gone.


It has been more than five years since KickassTorrents has gone but still, you can find some trusted and good torrent sites like KickassTorrents on the internet. Here we are going to show you some of the best sites like KickassTorrents to download all the media files you want.

Best Torrent Sites Similar to KickassTorrents 2021

The Pirate Bay

The Piratebay has been serving the users for more than 7 years and it is still available. It could be one of the best alternatives to KickassTorrents. The veteran portal founded on September 15, 2013, by the anti-copyright company Piratbyrån has registered a growth in user contributions of 50% in two years, reaching 2.8 million files online, with almost 19 million of unique users.

The site can be accessed at but due to the legal persecution developers are forced to change the location of the servers on several occasions and the domain name as well. The number of torrent files is enough to forget you about KickassTorrents. You can find movies TV shows, software, ebooks, and everything you want.


It was founded in 2007, but it wasn’t until 2012 that it started to grow. The obsession of this portal is not to accumulate as many files as possible but to filter its quality. Closer to the user, it aims to transcend the functions of a mere search engine to create a community.

The website has 1 million indexed torrents and a huge number of users regularly. After the banned of and RARBG and KickassTorrents, this site became more popular. Registration is not mandatory and there no ads. It is the sixth most trafficked torrent portal on the network. It has been blocked by some internet providers in several countries. If you can’t access it at then you can use 1337x proxies.


Amateur looking, the Bulgarian portal has become one of the most popular search engines worldwide even it is blocked in many countries. It is among the 1,000 most visited sites in the world, although it is hard to find reliable RARBG proxies if you find then this torrent is all you need.

Its community is always active and makes sure all the torrent files are genuine and there isn’t a single fake torrent file. RARBG is currently blocked by operators from more than 10 countries. But RARBG proxies can be used as KickassTorrents alternatives.


Simple and solvent, this torrent site is the same age as The Pirate Bay. For years it has been a reference for Internet users, but its growth has festered. Even so, it continues to occupy a worthy position in the list of the most visited sites on the Internet: number 153 according to Alexa. It is a replica or clone of Torrentz.

Unlike KickassTorrents and other torrent sites, Torrentz2 does not host torrents but uses its search engines to crawl 25 million files from more than 30 torrent sites. So, the site is really worth trying as a KickassTorrents alternative.


It has been singled out by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) as one of the most dangerous sites on the internet from a piracy point of view. It is currently the fourth most visited torrent search portal in the world. Officially this torrent site has been taken down but there are many Extratorrent proxies and mirror links are available on the internet. That’s why we think this could be one of the top similar sites like KickassTorrents.

You can easily find the mirror link of this torrent site which is reliable and offer the same interface and media files.

YTS or YIFY-Torrents

Earlier known as YIFY movies torrents, YTS is one of the best torrent sites to download movies only. As this site focuses on the cinema, you will find a huge collection of curated movies of all genres and countries. No TV series or other software files will be available here. It offers HD movies at the smallest size possible. So, if you want an alternative to KickassTorrents to download movies then this site is perfect for you.

The revulsive of recent times. Specialized in audiovisual content, it has become the fifth most visited torrent search engine on the internet, merit that has already confronted the authorities in the United Kingdom, where it was blocked in 2013. But you can always find proxies and mirror links of this torrent site.


EZTV is the most trusted torrent site among TV series fans as it offers a massive collection of TV shows in multiple qualities. It is a search engine specialized in television content, mainly series, one of the trending cultural products. Its traffic varies according to the new seasons and the pull of the series, but despite the intermittent in the volume of files, its traffic is high: it ranks 1,050 in Alexa among the most visited sites on the network. So, if you need a site like KickassTorrents to get TV shows then this site is one of the best in the segment.


The original owner of the domain, Gary Fung, reached an agreement in 2013 with the Motion Picture Association of America to close the web and indemnify the institution with $ 110 million. Just two weeks later, anonymously, a group of users relaunched the site with a new domain, recovering 75% of the original material, although the filters imposed by the industry remain.

It already has 16 million unique users and in terms of the number of files, it houses 1.4 million torrents. So, don’t worry this torrent site is still available and you can access it in the absence of KickassTorrents.


Founded in 2008, it remains a reference. It has a search engine specialized in television content, its highlight, but it also incorporates content related to software and games. They boast of having more than 21 million files indexed from 369 different sites.

Google won’t index this site in its search results so, we would suggest you use Yahoo or any other search engine to find its domain link. BitSnoop can be accessed at This torrent site is not as good as KickassTorrents but worth trying.

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