The Best Similar Sites like Textsheet 2021

Textsheet was one of the most popular sites among pupils around the world for getting a solution to their questions. It was quite trusted for providing answers and solutions for school, high school, or college textbooks, assignments, projects, and assignments.

The Textsheet was mainly the website that covered the homework problems that students submit on the site. Unfortunately, textsheet has been taken down, and this is just bad news for many students and teachers, which has led students to find available relevant similar sites like textsheet. Well, the good news is that there are many TextSheet alternatives that you can use in 2021 and 2021.

Why Textsheet has shut down?

Textsheet was a free best educational site to find the solution to your problems. Well, it used to use Chegg’ (which is also an education site) API in order to provide the answers and solutions to the various problems. So, Chegg complained about the copyright issues and now we have lost Textsheet. But we can use various alternatives to Textsheet available online.

The Top TextSheet Alternatives 2021

Here, we have mentioned the sites that you can use in the absence of textsheet as its alternatives. You will find the solution to your projects, assignments, and homework quickly with these sites. Some of them offer limited service for free while some charges a monthly or yearly subscription fee.


Well, Chegg is the one website that is responsible for the shutdown for Textsheet. It sued the free educational site and it became the best Textsheet alternative. Chegg is probably one of the top sources for students across the world from school to college. In addition to the search for systematic textbook solutions, you can also prepare for other exams with experts available 24 hours a day on the site.

Students can also rent or purchase digital boos from Chegg at a great discount deal. If you possess textbooks that you no longer use, you can even sell them at Chegg and make some cash. You just need to books’ special serial number on the site and you shall see on the screen how much you could get for that book.

If students want personal guidance then they can find some good teachers and experts on the site as it has thousands of teachers on the site. These experts are provided at a price per hour. If you are a teacher then you can register yourself on the site. Just like online streaming services, this textsheet alternative offers a week of a free trial.

Well, this site is not totally free but the prices on Chegg are very low compared to other similar sites like textsheet. Apps for the smartphone are available for easier and quicker access on the go.


This another alternative to Textsheet is amazing but some users may find it hard to explore this website as it contains a lot of things that you may need to joggle your head and brain inside it. This site has a unique approach that focuses on more efficient learning strategies. This educational site has a “Flashcard Explorer” that contains categories such as science, foreign languages, engineering and technology, mathematics, business, economics, and many different popular topics.

Studylib has the largest community-driven academic library where you can learn lots of things and then print and download all those worksheets and learning materials for free. You can examine trend documents from completely different categories and topics and also upload your own. Studylib makes it easy to create personalized collections of learning cards by inserting images and audio and sharing them with friends.

To get unrestricted access to the documents and the various services, you need to register yourself on the site and that is totally free. In addition to the above features, Studylib also offers a grammar and spell-checking tool that can help you improve your skills.

Course Hero

Course Hero is also a great similar site Textsheet, which provides students with access to millions of leaning courses and learning materials. Here you will find learning materials in multiple formats like text documents, online tutor, and video as well. Most of the textbook solutions are given.

Course Hero, like its name, says it provides lots of courses and a number of subjects. Biology, microeconomics, languages, and many more topics are covered here. So, if you have an upcoming exam and have to know how is your preparation then you can practice problems for that particular problem. In addition, it offers round-the-clock homework assistance, so users receive personal tuition from the experts.

Course Hero has paid as well as free accessibility. How? In order to get free access to Course Hero, you need to upload some study material or paper you have on the site in digital format. If you don’t have such materials then you can opt for its subscription which comes at USD 9.95 per month. You can also download the app on your mobile and have access to Course Hero anytime.


Slader is much more popular with American students and teachers. Here you shall find detailed solutions to your homework questions and answers of thousands of textbooks problems for various topics with full explanations. It regularly improves the quality of content material on a daily basis and increases the solution methods and way to help college students by applying the most operative method.

Slader offers solutions for all ages of students from high school to college. It’s easy to figure out the solutions to every problem at Slader. You only have to scan the barcode of your textbooks or enter the title name of your books on the blank space on the site, you’ll find all the relevant solutions to the issues you have been facing with your assignments.

This Textsheet alternative is completely free. Although, you shall have to deal with the ads on the site. In addition, you can pay 1.99 USD to subscribe to premium membership and remove the ads.

Final words…

After the shutdown of the textsheet, these are the best four sites like the textsheet. There are also some other textsheet alternatives like PaperHelp, Khan Academy, Unacademy, and many others that you can use right now. Tell us which one you are using to solve your school homework and which did you best from this list.

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