How to Go Live on Tik Tok [with and without 1000 followers] 2021

Learn here how to earn money on TikTok and how to live with 1000 fans and without 1k followers.

TikTok (formerly known as is one of the most popular and downloaded social media apps right now. Users can create and post 15-seconds to 60 seconds video of lip-syncing. Tik Tok has been downloaded over 1.5 billion times worldwide and it has nearly 500 million active users. The popularity of TikTok has crossed Facebook and Messenger downloads on App Store and Google Play Store. The app is most popular in India with over 120 million active users. It was downloaded over 277 million times in 2019. Now many people are searching online on how to go live on Tik Tok.


Well, FYI, a user needs to have more than 1000 followers to go live on TikTok. There are many benefits of going live on TikTok as your followers and fans can give you coins and this is the way you can earn money. Right now, going live is the only way to earn money through the app but popular content creators are earning trough advertisement but you will need enough followers for sure. Now if you are wondering how to go live on Tik Tok without 1000 followers then you are also going to give you a solution for that. There is a trick to go live on TikTok on even without 1000 followers. Don’t worry if you have less follower, you can use TokUpgrade to get more followers without spending much time. Let’s dig deep:

How to go live on Tik Tok

TikTok app has a great UI and easy to use features. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to understand its features. Just with a simple tutorial, you will be able to go live on Tik Tok. Earlier this feature wasn’t available on TikTok but when it was acquired by Bytedance, Live feature is on. If you are a new user and creating good content then you would love to interact with your followers. But if you unable to go live and you don’t know how to do it then no need to worry because we have got everything for you. Along with going love on Instagram, we shall also tell you how can you earn money from Instagram. Before moving forward to the tutorial, please ensure that you have updated the recent TikTok version on your Android or iOS device.

Step #1: You here are so we don’t need to tell you that install TikTok app and blah blah, Just login with the account which has more than 1000 followers.

Step #2: Once you open the app, you will see a plus (+) icon at the middle bottom, just click on it.

Step #3: Now a new screen will open and you shall see the ‘Live’ option next to the camcorder button in the app. You have to click on the “live” option.

Step #4: Additionally, you can write and add a title for your live session so your followers and fans can know what it is all about. Pro tip: use some awesome an attractive title. Don’t use any words in the title which are banned by TikTok or else, you can lose your account.

Step #5: Once all done correctly, just select the “Go Live” option and you can begin your live session. Your fans can comment on your live feed and you can reply with them. Unlike, Instagram, you can’t join any other user in your live feed.

How to go live on TikTok without 1000 followers

In case, you don’t have enough followers and you want to go live on TikTok then there is a tick for that. Yes, you can go live without 1000 followers on TikTok. The process is little lengthy and complicated than creating good content and get 1000 followers but if you want to try it then follow the process below:

Step #1: Install and open the TikTok app on your Android or iOS device. Create an account if you dint have one.

Step #2: Now click on “Me”. You have to open your profile on the app.

Step #3: You shall see three horizontal dots on the right-top corner. Click on it to open the menu. Basically, it will open settings.

Step #4: Scroll down to find “Report a Problem.”

Step #5: Here you may find several suggestions and guidelines. You click on “Live/Transaction” and then click on “I’d like to start live.”

Step #6: Now you will be provided with the solution but click on “No” so you can say you still persist a problem

Step #7: On the next screen, you have to send written feedback to the TikTok team. For instance, you can write “Hi, earlier I was able to go live but now I don’t see any option of going live on TikTok. My fans will love to see me going live. Resolve the issue as soon as possible. Thank You”

Step #8: You can add your email address for the further assistance but we suggest clicking on the “send”

Step #9: Now within a few days, let’s say two to 7 days, your problem will be solved and you will be able to go live.

This is how you can go live on TikTok without 1k fans. This is a simple trick and you just need to be patient for a few days. Try this and tell us in the comment box did this trick help you to go live on TikTok?

How to earn money on Tik Tok

Well, through TikTok, the only way you can earn money right now is that you get tipped during live broadcasts. You get tipped gifts from your audience. The gifts you can receive during your live broadcast are:

  • Panda (5 coins)
  • Italian Hand (5 coins)
  • Love Bang (25 coins)
  • Sun Cream (50 coins)
  • Rainbow Puke (100 coins)
  • Concert (500 coins)
  • I’m Very Rich (1000 coins)
  • Drama Queen (5000 points)

A lot of creators will incentivize people to buy them gifts by saying that “if you give me a drama queen during my live broadcast I will duet with you so you will show up on my page.” Users or fans have to buy the coins from the TikTok stores and when they gift these coins to the creators, they will receive them as diamonds. These diamonds can be converted to real money. So this is how you can earn money on TikTok.


Final words…

Now you know how to go love on TikTok with 1000 followers and without 1k followers. And if you are eager enough to explore the app then you will find a lot of other things on the app which you will find exciting. If you face any trouble or if you have any questions about the article then let’s meet in the comment box.

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