How to email a fax

Although you’d have thought by now faxing would be over; however, nothing is further from the truth. Often people are asked to fax essential documents. Fortunately, you no longer need to own a fax machine to send a fax.

email a fax

Today, online fax services make it possible to email fax. These services bridge the gap between traditional faxing and digital email technology. With your email address, you can send local and international fax online.

In this guide, we will show you how to email fax online using an online fax service. Read on to know the steps involved when emailing fax.

CocoFax – The best online fax service

CocoFax lets you email your fax online. With CocoFax, you get a free service for 30 days after signing up for the service. Besides, the mighty CocoFax allows you to choose your custom fax number free of charge.

email a fax

CocoFax email to fax service has gained the attention of major media outlets such as Forbes. As an online fax service, you can email fax on any device that allows you to access your email client.

Some of the devices CocoFax supports include those running on iOS and Android. Besides, CocoFax lets you fax from your Mac, Linux and Windows computer. So, any device with a web browser allows you to use Cocofax.

Notable CocoFax features and capabilities

CocoFax has amazing features that enable users to email fax online. It allows you to send a regular email to a fax machine. Below are some of the amazing CocoFax service capabilities.


The mighty CocoFax allows users to use any email client to email fax online. Besides, CocoFax integrates other platforms such as Google Drive and Google docs. So, you can fax content on these platforms.

Also, CocoFax supports faxing from different devices from smartphones to computers.

Fast and reliable

CocoFax provides a swift email to fax service through its online fax platform. So, you won’t have to continuously wait to send or receive fax using CocoFax. CocoFax also sends you notifications for each sent or received fax.

Such a feature allows you to know whenever your fax is delivered or not. You no longer have to worry if the fax is delivered or not.

Safe and secure

CocoFax automatically encrypts all faxes to safeguard it online during transmission. Also, it uses the latest security protocol to ensure it is as safe as a traditional fax machine.

Lifetime storage

Unlike most other online fax services that limit your storage, CocoFax gives lifetime storage. Provided you use CocoFax, you will always have access to all your faxes.

What’s more, CocoFax gives you a neat way of archiving your files. All the sent and received faxes are stored in their respective folders. Best of all, the archived faxes can be accessed online from anywhere in the world.

How to email a fax

Regardless of whether you are using Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or another mail server, CocoFax lets you email a fax.  Below are the steps involved when emailing a fax from CocoFax:

Step 1: Using your preferred email address you want to use for faxing, sign up for a Cocofax account. In the process, CocoFax will allow you to choose your custom fax number. Also, you will get a 30-day free trial period.

coco fax

Step 2: Log into your preferred email address. Now, choose the option that allows you to create a new email. A new window will appear that allows you to start composing your fax.

Step 3: In the new email window, fill in the requested details. First, provide the fax number in the ‘To’ field instead of an email address followed by ‘’

In the ‘Subject’ field, fill in what you want to appear as the top note on your fax. For the email body, provide the information you want to appear as the cover page of your fax.

Also, if you have an attachment you want to include in the fax, include it. CocoFax will merge these files into one before forwarding the fax to your recipient. CocoFax supports png, jpg, pdf, xls and doc files.

coco fax

Step 4: When you are satisfied that your fax captures whatever you want to fax, click the Send button.

CocoFax will receive your email and convert it to a suitable format. All this takes place in an instant. After a while, you will receive a delivery confirmation email.


The ability to email fax online is revolutionizing the way people and corporates send faxes. Thanks to online fax services like CocoFax, you can accomplish this today. Consider the above guide if you want to email fax.

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