Jailbreak Roku: How can I Jailbreak Roku? How to install Kodi on Roku?

Why should I Jailbreak my Roku Stick?

Roku stick is a great way to enjoy all the entertainment stuff at home on your television. It allows you to access hundreds of channels such as YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video and many others. Despite heavy competition from tech giants’ devices like Apple TV, Chromecast from Google, and Amazon’s FireTV, Roku has won the hearts of the users to sustain the market.

Jailbreak Roku

Users love free stuff and who doesn’t love to watch free movies and TV shows for free on Roku device. Kodi is one of the most popular ways to watch free TV series, stream live TV, and movies on TV devices. Kodi has some great add-ons that allow users to enjoy free streaming online hassle-free. But you can’t install Kodi on Roku very easily. It is available for other devices like Amazon Fire Stick or Apple TV or Chromecast but installing Kodi on Roku requires jailbreak.

Other devices like iPhone, Android device, or any similar devices’ OS are protected so they can be malfunctioned by users. It limits the use of the device and if you want to remove the restrictions then you need to jailbreak it. This process has different names in various devices then how to jailbreak Roku? Let’s find out:

How to jailbreak Roku to get free stuff

The straightforward answer to this question is that you can’t jailbreak your Roku device. As we said, the jailbreak is the process of removing restrictions levied on the device by the manufactures to install and use the third-party application on the device. Unlike other devices, Roku can’t be jailbroken. This is because Roku has its own OS which cannot be accessed except permitted developers. So if you have a question of can I jailbreak the Roku device the answer is NO. No user and no method can jailbreak Roku TV.

You can’t Jailbreak Roku but there are some ways:

There isn’t a way to jailbreak Roku TV but there some tricks to get apps like Kodi on Roku to watch free movies and TV shows.

How to get Kodi on Roku TV without Jailbreak

Method 1 – Use Screen Mirroring


In screen mirroring to get Kodi on Roku TV, you need to have another PC or laptop device so you can use its screen to watch Kodi on the Roku TV. Here’s how to use a screen mirror to get Kodi on Roku.

Step 1 – The first thing we need to make sure your Roku player and other devices from which you are going to cast the screen (mobile or computer) are on the same wireless network.

Step 2 – Another setting you need to check is: go to System => Screen Mirroring => Screen Mirroring Mode, and select “Prompt.”

Step 3 – Now got to your laptop and install Kodi from the store. If you don’t have a store then you can use Kodi’s official site to download it.

Step 4 – Launch the Kodi application on your computer in a window mode. Then right-click on the desktop and got to “Display Settings.”

Step 5 – Scroll down to find and click “Connect to a wireless display.” You will see devices available in the right corner.

Step 6 – Click on “Roku Player” and “connect.”

Step 7 – Now go to “Roku Player” and click “Allow.” Wait for seconds until it set up and you will be able to see the computer screen on the Roku.

Step 8 – Now just take the Kodi and maximize it. You can watch movies and TV shows for free on Roku with Kodi.


Step 1 – Download Kodi on your Android Device

Step 2 – Now go to Settings => Bluetooth & device connection => Connection Preferences => Cast

Step 3 – Here you will see the device available. Click on Roku Player.

Step 4 – Now go to Roku Player and click on “Allow’ and wait until the process gets finished.

Step 5 – Once you are all done, launch the Kodi app on your phone and play any movie or TV show that you want to watch on the Roku player.

This is how you can get Kodi on Roku TV without jailbreaking it.

Method 2 – Play Media Saved on a PC, USB, or Media Servers

The second method to play restricted content on Roku is to play saved files on PC, USB, or media servers with the same wireless network.


·         You need to have the Roku Media Player App installed on your TV. You can download it from the Roku Store.

·         Your other devices should also be on the same wireless network

Step 1 – You have to choose the media file type from the Media Type Selection window.

Step 2 – Now select the device you want to play on the Roku to play

Step 3 – Now navigate to folders and find the media file you want to open on the Roku. You have to make sure whether that le type is supported by the Roku player or not.

Step 4 – Now press the Play button or OK button on the Roku remote and you can use other features to like fast forward or backward.

You can also insert USB Drive to your Roku player to play video, audio, photo, or other supported file types on Roku. In order to use the USB on the Roku, you need to have installed the Roku Media Player App. If you want to make changes in the USB settings then head over to Settings => System => USB Media


It is clear that you cannot jailbreak the Roku player and the way to use Kodi on Roku is screencasting or use the Roku Media Player App. I the future, if a new method to jailbreak Roku will be available then we will inform you about it. If you have a suggestion or question about this tutorial then you can tell us in the comment box.

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