How to Get Followers on Instagram [8 Easy Tips To Get Free Instagram Followers Instantly]

With over 1 billion users and innovative features, Instagram is rapidly changing the world of social networking. Many people on Instagram want to get more Instagram followers to be popular and some want to expand their business by getting real followers on Instagram. There are many tricks saying ‘Get free 10K followers on Instagram” and some charges for it but these are scams. No one can get you real followers by charging money. So here we have made a guide on how can you be an influencer on Instagram and how can you grow your business on it.

How to Get Followers on Instagram

After Facebook has owned Instagram it is not that easy to get more Instagram followers in 2019 as the algorithms and policies have been changed. You have to be unique and the products that you want to sell should be presented in a way that users should be attracted to your Instagram profile. In this article, we are sharing a complete guide and some significant things to target your audience and increase more followers on Instagram in 2019.

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#1 – Get More Instagram Followers with Attractive Instagram Profile

All say “don’t judge a book by its cover” but we all know that we always do. So the first impact you can leave on Instagram users totally depends upon how your Instagram profile looks.

How to Get Followers on Instagram

Your feed should be intriguing, when someone visits your profile, they will quickly check your profile and by that, they will decide whether they should hit the follow button or not. It is all on your profile how you can convert your visitors into followers. It is not like posting photos with filters and editing styled filters, but you need to have a great profile photo, an effective description about yourself or business in bio, active and enticing stories, and some super intriguing highlights.

#2 – Promote and Get More Instagram Followers with hashtags, Locations, and Tags

Some find it annoying to attach #hashtags in the caption but really works. You might have noticed that the photo or video in which you have put related or trending hashtags then that particular post would have more likes compared to other ones. You can also follow some hashtags so, you can get visitors by mentioning some trending hashtags in your caption with the post. Locations in photos and stories matter too. People usually check the trending post and stories by locations.

Get More Instagram Followers with hashtags

Tag the necessary brands and the things around you. If you are wearing Adidas shoes then, you can tag it. Always get creative with the hashtagging, but don’t mix it up with and use unnecessary hashtags which can look exaggerated on your post. But still, don’t be boring with a hashtag in the caption.

#3 – Use templates in Instagram Stories and Introduce your Brands through Highlights

As we said earlier you have to be active on stories and while posting stories start using templates. This will make your stories more attractive. You can use tags, locations, and hashtags in stories and it will get more views on stories too.

templates in Instagram

By the highlights on your Instagram profile, you can tell about yourself and your brand. You can analyze the things and put in the highlights in some creative way such as you can make highlights’ name by Strategy, Plan, Schedule, Products, Special Deals, etc. you can put a different cover on story highlights too that will make your story highlights even more enticing.

#4 Post Realistic Photos & Videos to Increase followers on Instagram

This is one of the important factors to get more Instagram followers. We have seen many people posting just photos and video of movies and TV series scenes, that’s quite annoying. Such these things make your Instagram profile weak. Post the original and innovative photos and videos of yours or clicked by you.

Share your photos which can be impressive and selfies. If you are promoting a brand then post real photos of it, reviews given by customers, and appreciation given by other users.

#5 – Follow Instagram Influencers and Celebrities and their Fan Pages

This is really an awesome trick to gain more followers on Instagram for free in 2019. Personally, I have tried this method, what you got to do is follow some famous celebrities and Instagram influencers, comment on their posts. So some fan pages of their celebrity and followers of that page will also start to follow you on Instagram.

Follow Instagram Influencers

Here, the main drill is that you ought to do the same follow the followers of such celebrities and after some days unfollow them, in this way, they will remain in your follower list and you can gain more Instagram followers.

#6 – Like and Comment on Other People’s Posts

This is also one of the best methods to get followers on Instagram. As they say, this world is a mirror that means you get what you give. So give likes and comments on other people’s post in return those people will either follow you or they will like and comment on your post too. In this way, you can get more like on Instagram too.

If you like and comment on the pages of celebrities then you will definitely get the followers as the fan pages and hardcore fans of such page will also start following you because they will think that you both have common interests. This is our personal experience seriously.

#7 – Promote Your Instagram on Other Platforms to Get More Instagram Followers

If you have a lot of friends on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other social platform then you can promote your Instagram handle on such platform to let others know your profile and they can follow your Instagram.

We have also seen some people promoting their Instagram profile on popular meme pages. Since such account does have more followers so if its followers like your content and feed on Instagram then you can increase likes on Instagram and followers too.

#8 – Create Instagram Ads and Get More Followers on Instagram

Instagram Ads

Like any other platform, Instagram is also a very competitive field, but it is a real opportunity to build your business and get followers or customers if you present the right type of ads to your target market in the audience.

This will cost some charges since Instagram charges for posting ads on it. You can promote by videos, stories or photos you have posted on your profile and Instagram will automatically target the similar audience who can be interested in you or your product (That’s how Instagram algorithms work).  You have to make your ad very creative that users should be getting interested in your Instagram content

Final Words:

These are basic guidelines to get more Instagram followers. Follow these tricks given above and you will definitely see a rise in your followers’ numbers. I personally recommend trick number 5 and 6 as I have used those tricks and I have increased my followers by that. So be bold and present the right content to the right audience and expand your business or your Instagram profile by getting more followers on Instagram.

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