How to Fix the DJI Fly App Not Working?

DJI Fly is thoughtfully designed to optimize your aerial experience, thus enabling users to fly, capture amazing shots, edit, and share them in a moment. However, what if the app ditches you in your hour of need? Sounds infuriating? Surely, it is.

The problem of the app not working appears to be a standard issue for DJI drone pilots, thus raising concerns more than ever. If it goes haywire, users won’t be able to fly their drone or download the images. Since the issue is garnering huge attention from app users worldwide, our team has dug deeper to find answers.

Here’re all the deets about the DJI Fly App not working error and how you can resolve it until the hell freezes over. Are you ready? Scroll down and take notes.

DJI Fly App not working error – A Quick Overview

Unlike most other apps, DJI Fly App not working error isn’t a single term. Rather, it signifies a collective term that refers to a broad number of issues at the same time, including the DJI Fly App keeps crashing, the app keeps freezing, the app not opening, and many others.

So, whatever term is flashing on the screen, it refers to one and the same thing – DJI Fly App not working Error. And trust me, nothing can be more exasperating than not being able to utilize the app to its maximum potential, especially during times when you need it the most.

But you can count on the statement that the error is temporary and can be resolved with a swipe of your fingertips as long as you follow the guide religiously. Our team has mapped out multiple reasons that trigger the error and several solutions to help you fix it. Hence, keep scrolling the page to the very end, as we assure you that you will get all your answers by the end of this write-up.

What triggers the DJI Fly App not working error?

Shall we move to the common causes leading to the DJI Fly App not working error message on your screens? Understanding the problem at its core is mandatory to prevent the issue from happening ever again in the future.

Hence, rather than just listing the solutions, we’ve preferred to find what’s precisely triggering the error, so you can get well-acquainted with the problem first and only then move to the solutions.

·         Device Compatibility

Is your device compatible with DJI Fly App? Although the app widely supports almost all the latest operating systems, it is still important to confirm if your smartphone meets all prerequisites to run the application. DJI Fly requires iOS 11.0 and above for iPhones and Android 7.0 or beyond for Android users. Make sure your device falls under this category to run the app.

·         Internet connection

Are you connected to a stable, continuous connection? Internet stability is something you should consider when using the DJI Fly app. See, you’ll require a proper internet connection at every step, be it updating the firmware or editing photographs, or sharing it with others. Therefore, it’s good if you connect your smartphone to a continuous internet source and avoid being stuck.

·         Lack of support

Another question you must ask when facing the DJI Fly App not working error is if your app is up-to-date. Continuous app crashing or freezing signals that you are using an outdated version of the app that requires an immediate update. Once the new version is made available to the public, developers shift all their focus to it while leaving the previous version with no additional support.

·         Junk cache files

The next most common and probably the most overlooked reason triggering the DJI Fly App not working error is the collection of junk or faulty files in the app’s cache memory. Cache files are temporary data that the application collects to speed up its loading time; however, the excessive collection of such files may lead to conflict and generate the error message on the screen.

The 5 Easy Methods to Fix the Error

The DJI Fly app is the most commonly used of all official DJI apps. It was released to control flight, update firmware, and adjust the compass. The app’s interface is designed to be simplified and ultra-intuitive, thus helping novice drone pilots to enjoy a seamless experience.

But simply put, no software is flawless, and the DJI Fly app is no exception. While the app itself is well-designed and appreciated by critics, it is still prone to errors and gives a lot of headaches to users with its sheer amount of bugs.

Hence, if you are also a victim of such a hassle, don’t panic, and use the practical solutions listed below to get rid of the same. We have put together the best methods to keep this error at bay.

1.      Update the app

The first thing you can do to resolve the DJI Fly App not working error is to update the application to its newest version. It’s no denying that the updated version of the app is free from bugs and offers improved performance. Hence, you must check if there’s any update pending for your app, and get it done in seconds.

You can easily update the app from the App Store, and download the latest-released version of the app in a few simple taps. If you are an Android users, visit the official DJI website to update the app.

2.      Delete and Reinstall the app

What if your app is already updated but still reflecting the DJI Fly App not working error message? Well, in that case, you must try deleting and re-installing the app to see if this hack works.

This process will help remove any corrupted or faulty files that may be restricting the app from working normally. All-in-all, re-installation gives your app a fresh start and can resolve the issue for good.

The process is simple – Delete the app first by long-pressing the icon and tapping the Uninstall option. Go to the App Store or DJI’s official website (for Android users), and follow the on-screen prompts to install the app again. Launch it and see if the app starts working or if the error continues.

3.      Refresh the Firmware

The next effective method to resolve the DJI Fly App not working error is to update or refresh the firmware. Sometimes, the error appears if firmware updates are pending for both your aircraft and remote controller. Check for updates, and download them to fix the problem.

However, if the firmware is already updated, try refreshing it using DJI Assistant 2 and see if the error disappears.

4.      Remove DJI Fly app cache memory

If none of the above tricks works, don’t lose your patience and consider deleting the faulty or corrupted cache data. Don’t worry, the process only deletes the cache files and won’t affect your personal information or settings.

Here’s how to clear the app cache memory.

  • Launch the DJI Fly app and scroll down to Profile.
  • Select the Settings tab and click on the Clear Cache option, and it’s done.
  • Launch the app on your device, and we hope the error has been resolved by now.

5.      Disable VPN

Sometimes, the glitch appears when a third party interferes with the process, generating the DJI Fly App not working error message. And this third party is often the VPN or firewall. This software often considers the DJI Fly app as malware, thus restricting it from opening on your smartphone.

Hence, it’s advised to disable both VPN and Firewall when accessing the DJI Fly app and see if the error resolves.


That’s all about how to resolve the DJI Fly App not working error on your smartphones. Hopefully, the guide has helped you get free from the claws of this irksome error. So, what are you waiting for? Follow these aforementioned tips and get the app back to normal.

Please share your error-resolving experience with us in the comments below, and which of these methods helped you get rid of this trouble. We would love to hear from you.

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